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29 January 2019 @ 03:57 am
Watched The Werewolf (1956) earlier. It stars a tall guy who was in, like, six episodes of Cheyenne as a sheriff who needs to bring in the werewolf. Anyway, at the beginning of the movie, after someone gets mauled, the sheriff is at the doctors office watching the doc and his nurse Amy patch the mauled guy up and they're musing about what could have done it and he's, like, explaining that it was like, you know, a man and a wolf and Amy's like 'You don't think it could be...' and the sheriff cuts her off to sarcastically be like 'Yes Amy, I went to school too. He's a werewolf.' And I fucking lost it, cause, like, what kind of fucking school did they go to where they learned the ins and outs of werewolfery?

Turns out the werewolf guy had been injected with "irradiated wolf serum" by a couple of scientists hoping to save some of mankind from the unavoidable nuclear holocaust, but unfortunately it does turn some people into werewolves so... oh well? But maybe that means that schools were teaching about werewolfery.

Also watched the episode of Cheyenne where Cheyenne kills a guy and then finds out the guy had a kid and is so guilty about killing the guy that he's like 'I guess I'm this kid's dad now' and then also 'I guess I'm this woman's husband now' and 'I guess I'm this guy's son now' and the town priest is like 'hey, did you know anything at all about this guy? cause you definitely do not have to do all of this' and Cheyenne is so wracked with guilt that he ignores that the padre is laying down massive hints that the guy Cheyenne killed was an asshole and everyone is actually better now that he's dead. Meanwhile, the whole family is like 'wow, is this what having a decent man around the house is like???' and they want to keep him. But then Cheyenne learns that the guy was actually, you know, terrible and he's like 'welp, guess I can leave forever now' and the padre is like 'okay, but can you stay a min and help us with this actual pressing problem that's going to end up getting people killed?' and Cheyenne's like '...I really don't want to?' and of course he does because he's a Good Guy, but the amounts of zero fucks Cheyenne gives, and how quickly he turns his zero fucks on, once he learns that he didn't kill a Good Guy is amazing. Like he's full on willing to leave an entire town in the lurch because it's not his problem anymore. Incredible.

The Orville is still fantastic and, like, a couple of episodes ago they had Ed showing someone an old musical and he mouthed along with it and, I mean, that's so Seth? Also (and I can't believe Seth didn't like write the ep because a lot of it seemed like just Seth) there was a part where an alien told him he had no soul because he didn't believe in the alien's god and I just... like I'm sure other religions get told that, but I'm also sure that that's been thrown in Seth's face for being an atheist.
In the latest episode, Ed said that he hated his name and I died. He's such a brave little toaster, just out exploring space with a name he hates. Bless. (the ending of that ep was super rushed, but oh well)

TNT's I Am The Night premiered and it's got Chris Pine as a disaster reporter in the 50's (?60's?) who gets beat up by the cops and then tries to either kill himself or autoerotically asphyxiate himself because he's out of drugs. I do love my disaster characters and this one seems pretty cherry.
24 January 2019 @ 01:14 am

This ep was on the other night and it's such a weirdly gay (and professionally inappropriate, lbr... you're the sheriff Cheyenne lol) reaction to four angry men taking their shirts off. He's so amazing.

I love The Orville so much. I just... it's not like great or anything, but I will still watch the shit out of it and enjoy every min of Seth being a dramatique actor.

Watched the first ep of The Passage and then forgot when the second ep was supposed to be on. But I liked the first ep. MPG is a real sweetheart with that kid.

The Magicians is back. And the cutting between scenes is as choppy and confusing as ever. I was pretty sure I had missed either a previous Quinten scene or had, like, come in late, but no... that's just how it was. Also... not enough Penny. (tho, Penny's def got, like, a gay vibe going on with Josh right? Or, I suppose, the other way around? Like Penny probably has a vibe with everyone</>. no?)

I feel like maybe there's also something else on but I can't remember what.
08 January 2019 @ 11:11 pm
I love when an episode of Cheyenne starts and Cheyenne is already in a Mood. He doesn't want to be where he is, or doing what he's doing, or with the people he's with, and by god everyone is gonna fucking know about.

Like I watched the one where he has to lead a buffalo hunt with a senator and a crooked sheriff and a gambler or something, idk, but he left a good paying job to do this thing that he didn't want to do, and he hates everyone on the hunt, and someone is scaring off the buffalo and making it seem like Cheyenne just can't find them, and he's, just, already so fucking done. And in the end he's just like 'ugh, white people.' and I love him.
31 December 2018 @ 04:25 am
The Year in Review Meme!
Post the first sentence of the first entry of the month for every month of the year.

Jan - There's probably an alt reality out there where Smitty stayed on Cheyenne (and wasn't so obnoxiously hetero) and in every episode Cheyenne had to kiss or get kissed by a lady and he always gave oblivious Smitty this look.

Feb - I'm gonna set a Cheyenne vid to the Lee Marvin version of "Wand'rin' Star".

March - I've been watching things and not talking about them.

April - The Magicians was something.

May - I apparently don't exist anymore.

June - I was in New York state for, like, a week.

July -

Aug -

Sept -

Oct -

Nov - So I very clearly died again?

Dec - Christmas was so far away and now it's here.

Rough year, y'all. I really did not think I was gone for that much time, but apparently I was.

Anyway... The Orville came back and I still love it and it's, idk, it's very, like, soft or something. Like it's not terribly dark and gritty scifi where I actually have to pay attention to the plot. Like this episode was about an alien peeing once a year and some mild interpersonal drama and that's about all I can deal with any more I guess.

I'm also still watching reruns of Early Edition and I'm so pleased with Gary's sweaters. They're wonderful. And in one episode Marissa gave some of his sweaters away (in order to stall someone) and he's like "My good sweaters!?" and it was perfect and lovely.

They aired the Cheyenne christmas episode where he spends christmas in a shack with a mule. I love it because he talks about his terrible St Louis christmas where he was all alone and everything was awful, which of course means that he had to turn to prostitution and was maybe rescued was a rich older man from the cold lonely streets who then turned out to be evil probably.
23 December 2018 @ 05:39 am
Christmas was so far away and now it's here. I mean, I don't celebrate, but still, I feel like I haven't had any time to, like, be christmassy you know?

Anyway, tumblr is imploding perhaps ( or perhaps not, who the fuck knows). I'm trying to scrape together all the F&B stuff that I have on there. (I mean, I plan to do that and I've backed up most of my tumblr and the F&B rewatch tumblr but I'm still like organizing and that's mostly just going through posts and being like 'omg, yes, that's so true, I love Peter and Jared so much, their lives are tragic' and when I'm done it'll all be on a wordpress that I'll transfer to a dw that will sit with no traffic until the world rediscovers the glory of F&B)

The Orville is coming back on the 30 and I thought I was seeing, like, no commercials, but the advertising gods must have heard me whining about it and they put more commercials on. I'm so ready. It's supposed to be more dramatic this year and I think Ed gets beat up some and maybe Seth will do some dramatique acting I know he's capable of and also there's not supposed to be any Ed/Kelly romance so I am living for this.

The Magicians is coming back in January. I am all here for two Pennys. Like, the season also looks totally promising, but... two Pennys! #blessed

I need to catch up on Z Nation.

I had no vanilla extract for a while and was baking without it and then I finally remembered to buy some and it smells so good, all warm and vanilla-y.
24 November 2018 @ 04:39 am
So I very clearly died again? And now perhaps I am not?

I had a post that I was going to write, it was always open and ready to update and then I didn't. Ah well.

I saw Venom. It was the most perfect, amazing movie.


That's not true. The most perfect, amazing movie would be a made for tv movie called A Franklin and Bash Christmas and it would be about how Peter and Jared, unbeknownst to either of them, go to a company team building christmas weekend at the same mountain resort. And they've fallen out of touch, because Peter is cruelly living in Austin and Jared is cruelly pretending to be entirely straight (both personally and professionally) with Ellen, and neither wants to admit that they're miserable and not being who they really are. So they've gone on pretending that everything is fine and that they love their lives and that they don't need each other and have convinced themselves that being apart is really what's best for everyone.

But then they see each other at this resort. And at first, they think they're imagining things. But they're not. And it's awkward. And they don't know how to act. And they're both, secretly, terribly, angry at the other one, and at themselves, and at life, and at that roulette table, but they won't admit it, so they make casual pleasantries like they're not forever soul mates who were meant to live with each other until they died. And nothing is right, nothing is easy anymore... when they were once puzzle pieces that seamlessly fit together now it's like someone cut off the bits that connected them.

And it all boils over when they're out at, like, some skiing excursion? Or maybe they both went for a quiet walk in the woods? Because they couldn't deal with team building work exercises when they're crumbling on the inside? Like, Ellen's trying to be supportive, like she knows Jared really wants to be with Peter, but Jared's being ridiculous about it so they're having a tift. And Damien is being, like, a total dick about the whole thing. And all of Peter's co-workers are total d-bags that Peter has to play along with even though it's killing him. (I mean, obvs, he would have already gotten fired and resorted to prostitution, but they probably wouldn't put that into a made for tv fluffy christmas movie, so)

Anyway, they're out in the woods, and they're, like, far away from everyone else, and they run into each other and they try to talk and it all goes wrong and there's a fight and horrible words and it's, like, the worst fight ever, and they say things they don't mean like 'I hate you' and 'I'm glad you left' and 'I can't wait until this weekend is over so that we never have to see each other again'.

But then... tragedy.

Maybe Peter, like, storms off and doesn't watch where he's going and, you know, falls down the side of the mountain or whatever. Like one min he's there, stomping away and the next he's just gone. And Jared, like, says, very quietly, 'Peter?', and then he, like, fucking freaks because Peter is gone and nothing matters anymore, like he's not even mad, he was never fucking mad, and he rushes to where Peter was and Peter's, like, a little bit unconscious at the bottom of this steep, snow covered embankment? But only a little unconscious, and when Jared reaches him he calls Peter an asshole and tells him not to die and Peter sort of mumbles that he thought Jared hated him and Jared's like 'I could never fucking hate you, Peter' (they can swear in this made for tv movie, because I think it's what Breckin would want) and Peter doesn't even look at him, and Jared probably thinks that Peter does actually hate him, and then Peter's like 'I never hated you either' and he looks up and they eye talk and there's probably some tears or whatever.

And they have to get back to the resort, because Peter's a little concussed, and they're both cold, because, ugh, snow, who thought that was a good idea. But they're, like, even farther away from the resort now and maybe kinda turned around and also it's getting dark out. So they have to hike. And maybe at some point they have to cross a small river on a bridge made from a downed tree and Jared falls into the river and they have to take shelter in a cave because Jared's freezing and Peter's maybe also twisted his ankle or fucked up his knee or something and they're totally not making it back to the resort in the dark, not when there's also a snow storm coming in, so cave it is. And they have to huddle for warmth and they talk about how awful everything is and how they miss each other and how it was wrong, all wrong, they were both wrong, and they're both sorry, and they don't know how to fix anything, so they think that maybe they should just, you know, start where things are now and not try to be who they were.

It's all very tragic.

I also sort of thought that maybe they'd have a talk about being fathers, because Ellen mentioned babies exactly one (1) time and Jared's super freaking out about that and how he's going to be Leonard and Peter assures him that there's no way he could be, but that he worries about being his father, and Jared assures him that that would totally not happen, but also maybe the two of them could make one whole decent father. (...Ellen is not at all actually interested in having babies, but after this whole thing Jared thinks they could probably make it work as long as Peter's with them.)

There's also probably a discussion at one point about how Peter thinks Jared's going to have to kill him because he thinks he maybe has mountain fever and it's just like Stanton's partner and he totally trusts Jared to do it. Tragic.

After spending the night in the cave they're found by a rescue party, or, like, just some wandering resorters, because they were only, you know, 10 ft from the resort the whole time or whatever.

In the end there's some kind of legal emergency at the resort and Peter and Jared have to litigate together and it's just like old times again. Also since it's Christmas, there's mistletoe.


But since that doesn't exist because life is terrible, then Venom was a pretty perfect movie.
It had everything. Tom Hardy being sweaty, wearing a hoodie (which, lbr, is basically a sweater/winter wear kinda thing), and weirdly eating food. Also, his sort of there but most of the time kinda not New York accent was amazing.

Beyond that there's nothing good? Like tv is all terrible? I've been severly neglecting television. I guess there's some new things but I just, idk, can't? Like Macgyver is awful now and Magnum PI isn't right and SVU has been ruined.

Z Nation is happening but I've mised a few eps. It's kinda tragic, but in the classic Z Nation way.
12 June 2018 @ 01:09 am
I was in New York state for, like, a week. We had a show, which was whatever, but then we went up to Ogdensburg to the town that my great great grandparents lived. Now, my gg gps moved down to Chicago to be with their kids (and I found their graves, like, two years ago... weirdly enough in a cemetery that we've driven past hundreds of time, always saying that irish people must be buried there because of all the celtic crosses), but gggfather's sister died in Ogdensburg, so we were hoping to find a grave for her there. Never married (maybe was living with another lady, maybe her sister, maybe not, because there's no other mention of her except in one census so ???), a good catholic apparently, and had a funeral at both her brother's house (where she was living in her last years) and the Cathedral. But we get there and totes can't find any cemetery, so we call up the church and the lady's like 'well... those records are really hard to read', but she also told us where the cemetery was outside the city limits. So we went to have a look, like maybe we'd, just, like, find it.

I don't know if we did, but I found one lone gravestone that just said sister on the top, half buried, not near any other stones, or like a family plot or anything, looking out over the river. And it was, like, raining, and it was one of the first stone I went and looked at and the rain kinda slowed up and a bee buzzed around and then I went on and the farther I got away from the stone the more it rained until I finally pointed it out to my father and we thought it over, like how gggfather&mother left town right after his sister died, and how there was no other family, and no one else living in the town or coming back that'd be related, and how maybe that kind of unmarked (because who would need to know) stone might have been all they could have afforded, and, like, as we're talking the rain eased up and I went over and dug some of the dirt away, hoping there might be a name (there wasn't), and as I did that the rain stopped completely and the sun came out a bit. Which is all a bunch of *waggles fingers* you know? But still. It clouded back up as we left.

So we don't like, you know, know know, but, maybe. We at least found the cemetery.

And then we went on to NYC to make a delivery and that's always exciting.

It's, like, so much work now... shows all the time. But that's fine.

There are so many movies that I want to see. Deadpool, JP5, Hotel Artemis. I was going to see PacRim2, but apparently, it is/was atrocious (except for Newt and Hermann).

Ghosted came back. I fear fox may be burning through episodes because they aired two on Sunday, but they were also heavily tied together plot wise so, who knows. Adam Scott had a beard in the first ep and I was dying. Like that's just the kind of unkempt disaster I'm into... he talked about the multiverse theory. He's also always eating? Like in one ep he has to wolf down two burgers (like, like, he has to. Craig Robinson basically forces him to) and, I mean, idk man... I'm weirdly into it. Anyway, it's a garbage show and I love it.

PoGo updated and now I can't log in and I can't remember my password and all the passwords it should be aren't working because the whole game is garbage. I'm hoping it'll just, like, fix itself whenever they update next.

But. I'm super in love with Jurassic World Alive (even if my phone doesn't support the AR, ugh) because, hello, dinosaurs. Plus the drone thing is way more fun.
30 May 2018 @ 12:44 am
I apparently don't exist anymore.

Maybe I do. Perhaps.

Or maybe not? ???

It seems as though there is nothing to watch. I feel as though I've been watching something but I don't know what it was.

I watched The Terror (this wasn't the show that I don't know if I watched, I know I watched this show). The fandom for The Terror is attempting to happen. I can only tell three of the men apart (and then only sometimes). I definitely know what the small ginger looks like. Which is important. (he gets whipped in the third episode for... being sassy?)

Was chatting with some people and mentioned I like Hogan's Heroes, was immediately like oh god they'll think I'm weird and into hitler, then someone else was like 'oh I love hh' and I was like '!!! fav character, fav ep, what do you think of the fandom???' and they were like 'I like how they try to escape and that one german guy??? who maybe knows what they're doing' and I'm, like, dying under 15 layers of in depth character analysis and fan theories about how all the germans know everything.

They've moved Cheyenne to 4 am instead of 5 am. 4 am is much better because 5 am is like morning, but 4 am is still, like, night time. Anyway, Julesburg was on last night, where Cheyenne and Smitty poorly plan some investigative work by taking a small boy with them and being weirdos with a crying child in their (single bed) rented room. Only mildly suspicious. Cheyenne teaches the boy that it's okay to cry. I love him. Sometimes I think I don't love him as much, but then I see him and it's wonderful.

There should be something else.

I don't know what it is.

Perhaps it was that I meant to watch the rest of the Designated Survivor episodes, but I didn't and I don't know what happened to Breckin's character, but I assume that Keifer's character died and uncle Breckin took over the white house and made it into a cool joint for free love, pot smoking, and not wearing a shirt while doing sick kickflips on the halfpipe that he installed on the front lawn. Cause that's how I would have ended it. And also how I would have gotten it renewed for another season. Where I would have added Mark-Paul as Breckin's co-president. And also made them lawyers. And called it F&B: Presidental Bugaloo. And no one would have ever mentioned deadly fugu or Austin. And it would have stayed on tv for 11 seasons and made abc a zillion dollars.

They canceled a lot of things, didn't they? Lucifer got canceled, and also LA to Vagas (I'm most upset about LA to Vegas, that was a perfect show and I am gutted that Dylan McDermott has been robbed of his true calling in life), and maybe something else I watched? SPN did not get canceled.
20 April 2018 @ 05:34 am
I've been watching The Terror and everyone says it's so good, but mostly it's unintelligible mumbling with British accents and off screen polar bear maulings so idk.

And the amc channel has allowed people to buy the whole season, so I've been spoiled for what was, I guess, a twist to the ending of one character because tumblr doesn't understand that some people watch it week by week.

Also it was a book, so I guess I should have known the spoilers, but there still should be warnings or whatever.

I finally saw the first new Star Wars. I'm amazed at how little screen time Poe and Hux and Phasma actually had because it's like 10 min between them and fandom is always talking about them.

I read a review of Kate and Leopold on tumblr where they only referred to Breckin Meyer as "her brother" and never said anything else about him and also concluded that they didn't really like K&L much and it was so terrible, like, I thought people had taste. But they don't. I'm disappointed in humanity.
06 April 2018 @ 03:41 am
The Magicians was something. I may have cried. I may also be very upset and frustrated. I may also also hate everything forever if a certain someone whom I love with all my heart is never heard from again just because we got a replacement version. (which I know is like... redic because same actor, but it's understandably redic because of nonsense and, like, I mean, did Penny even have a line in the last episode?)