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27 April 2016 @ 03:19 pm
I found a post I wrote about Bat Masterson when I fist saw the show back in 2008:

It's about this guy, who was like an actual guy in the 1800's, who goes around in a Derby hat and a cane and saves the day... while also being kinda skeezy. Like he's a gambler and will totally take someone's money. And, for some reason, during most of the eps I've seen, has his shirt off in a bedroom with another guy. A bunch of scenes start off with Bat buttoning up his shirt and the other guy sitting on the bed. It amuses me.
But the real Bat Masterson wasn't that great of... anything. But he told people he was. Awesome. And then he became a writer for a newspaper and died at his typewriter after finishing his last article.

And in another post:
But how does he keep his pants pressed so nice?

All still entirely true thoughts and feelings. I mean, I guess maybe he'd send his pants out to be pressed. I can see that in a fairly big town, but out on the trail? Does he iron them himself? Could be possible.
25 April 2016 @ 02:17 am
Ugh. I'm in deep Bat Masterson / Cheyenne hell.

I thought about Cheyenne saying "Mr Masterson" in his redic deep voice. And I thought about Bat being sweet and gentle to Cheyenne, but also firm, because Bat's older and more respectable. (and Cheyenne respecting that)
Like maybe Bat's running a gambling hall that doubles as a brothel. And maybe Cheyenne has no money, and has been roughed up by some cruel range hands, and needs a place to stay and a good meal. And he doesn't really notice what's going on at Bat's place, not at first, he's just grateful that someone's being kind to him. Maybe Bat gives him a job up front, dealing cards or serving drinks, and Cheyenne doesn't understand why all the men give him such appreciative looks. Maybe Bat sees a lot of potential in this tall young man and takes him under his wing. Maybe Cheyenne can't look Bat in the eyes when Bat explains to him why he's so appreciated. Maybe Bat lifts Cheyenne's chin up with his cane, forcing him to meet his gaze. Bat probably lays out a reasonable proposition to Cheyenne, if he'd like to stay in town, explaining how valuable of an asset to Bat's business he'd be, and then telling him how refreshing Cheyenne's wild spirit is, how untameable he is, and how he doesn't want to break that, doesn't want to turn Cheyenne into some docile creature, but that he still intends to treat Cheyenne with a firm hand, so that Cheyenne always knows who's in charge (as though Cheyenne didn't already). And Cheyenne is probably a little shy about this kind of business, because it's usually more of a woman's profession, but Bat maybe uses that firm hand to rid him of such foolish notions.

This is terrible. I'm gonna die.
22 April 2016 @ 05:46 pm
I think I may have just watched the best, most redic ep of Cheyenne.

A group of confederate soldiers wanted to restart the civil war (idk, eventually Cheyenne speechified about how all the stars on the american flag were the same and, like, working together and patriotism and stuff), so the government made Cheyenne impersonate an actor who was also a singer. A Singer! Cheyenne sang four songs, including a song where he cracked a whip while singing. It was amazing. Like, I mean, it was kind of a wild, vaguely weirdly AU episode really (like, there was a lot of ott 'pulling faces' type acting that isn't as heavy in other episodes and one character was very bad at understanding that Cheyenne was undercover and Cheyenne himself wasn't actually terribly good at being undercover, so... idk, I think they just wanted an ep where Clint Walker sang. :D)

But the total cherry was that they remixed the Cheyenne theme song at the end so that it was jauntier.

Oh! It's early s3 (I thought it was late s2), which means some kind soul put it up on youtube.
20 April 2016 @ 04:11 am
Exciting times for Cheyenne of late.

Cheyenne found a babyCollapse )

You know what's really great? Fake grass. I found some at Menards and the carpet man let me take home three sample pieces for free. (we also ended up buying some for displaying work at art shows) But it's so amazing... it's soft but also a little prickly and makes a great swooshing noise when you pet it and it really looks like sod, like with little twists of "dead" grass in between the green grass blades. I love it. If I had an open floor plan and no cats (and money cause it's $2 per square foot) I'd go wall to wall with it.

Is anyone watching Wynonna Earp? It's fun and demon-y.

Fear The Walking Dead is just as boring as TWD, but it's boring on a boat.

I meant to write about something else but I'm awful at tracking thoughts lately. (this post has been open and unpublished for, like, nearly a week now. lol.)
12 April 2016 @ 05:25 am
Well, per assumption, god Hanna did not actually turn out well at all. I mean, ripping a guy's heart out of his chest and then eating it was kinda neat, and also kinda what one would expect when summoning a god, but then it really got into not cool territory. Poor Julia.
Oh Eliot, my precious king. Bless him.
I did not see the Plover twist coming (and I'm also on the fence about what that all says about child abuse victims ...?).
I can't believe that everyone sucked at defeating. And can one really be still conscience after one has had both hands cut off? Ugh, Penny, you poor thing. Damn, Q, like, get off your ass and staunch the bleeding.
I don't know how I feel about the jizz magic/power boost stuff. Like, via a feminist mindset.

(tangentially, in the early eps of the magicians they, like, all smoke, and god damn, it made me really want to smoke. and I don't smoke. ... I'm like the poster child for the idea of banning all smoking in tv and movies lest children think it makes them look cool. *sigh* it totally does make you look cool and unaffected.)

Lucifer continues to be not what I want out of a show about the devil coming to earth. (to be fair, I'm only barely watching it, so, really, I could be way off) They keep harping on how he's got a mortality problem, it's all 'someone kill lucifer because it's possible', but rather than have him be beat up every week, or have dramatic hellscape nightmares because he's ill and feverish, or be allergic to dairy or whatever, or anything nearly as interesting, they have him having ~feelings~ for a lady. :I

Gotham is the saddest thing ever.
10 April 2016 @ 04:37 am
Was Russell Crowe's snl, like, kind of weirdly raunchy? Also, the audience was shit. They barely laughed at anything. Russell was trying, you guys, come on.

Anyway, apparently Cheyenne even had a few comic books.
(that's bigger than I thought it would be, but, oh well...)
In this one he's enjoying some ghost hunting, I guess, but then perhaps runs into some lady who wants to marry him? (which seems like the deadliest peril of all for Cheyenne). ... I'm just guessing on what it's actually about.

And there's a Cheyenne wiki. A fair number of the episodes are recapped with, like, quotes and stuff. It even debunks the idea that Cheyenne takes his shirt off every episode. (like one person is doing all of it and that's adorable)
06 April 2016 @ 04:58 am
Oh my god, The Magicians. Did Eliot kill a dude? Like other than the kid with the bus? Was this when they were geese? Or before that? Was this why Margo went clubbing or whatever with that other boy? Or was it the other boy? Idk, he needs to get over it though. I swear, you miss, like, two mins of this show and completely skip over some majorly important plot point. I did not think I had to invest this much thinking into a show about college magicians. Also, like, worst administration ever? 40 time loops is a bit much. Esp when you're not telling anyone about them. I mean, that could have been going on for, like, 10 years or something. And who was the Filory girl that died? Like, who was she now? Is it one that got Q into Breakbills? And how did she die? Did we know about this? I think maybe syfy cuts things out. And I can't believe they went back to 1941 for a couple of days but wore their modern clothing. I mean, really.
Most importantly Hanna is the best god and I hope she comes back again and doesn't actually turn out to be evil.
And I kinda hope that Q isn't the purest of heart. Like, obvs, it should be Julia, she's god touched. But I secretly hope it's Eliot and it surprises him and helps him be okay with himself.
Next week's the season finale. Fingers crossed that they actually solve things.

Unlike The Walking Dead, which is awful. Even if JDM is fine looking.

Cheyenne met an older, too cool for school, bad boy marshal who saved his life, and then he shot a snake to save the marshal's life, and the marshal was all 'nice shooting, Cheyenne, shot the head clean off' and Cheyenne sort of batted his eyes and was like 'well, I was aiming for his rattle' and they laughed at each other. There was a lot of flirting that was going on, and the marshal asked Cheyenne to be his deputy, and got him a badge, and put his arm around Cheyenne, and Cheyenne was real into it. But then the townsfolk weren't cool with the marshal and were like 'Cheyenne, I'm surprised that you're hanging around with a guy like that' and Cheyenne pouted and talked about the marshal being a law man, so anything he did was okay. But then it turned out that the marshal shot all the guys he brought in on warrants, and then Cheyenne had to shoot him, because it was the right thing to do. Cheyenne doesn't have much luck with older guys who he thought he could respect. He also had trouble with an old sheriff who was bffs with Cheyenne when he was a tenderfoot deputy in Tombstone (Cheyenne also gets deputized a lot I guess), but now he raised cattle, but was actually rustling them, and Cheyenne had to find that out instead of letting it go and being on his way. Because Cheyenne just can't stay out of trouble.

These are his theme song lyrics, and they're amazing and tragic:
Cheyenne, Cheyenne, where will you be camping tonight?
Lonely man, Cheyenne, will your heart stay free and light?
Dream, Cheyenne, of a girl you may never love.
Move along, Cheyenne, like the restless cloud up above.
The wind that blows, that comes and goes, has been your only home.
But will the wild wind one day cease and you'll no longer roam?
Move along, Cheyenne, next pasture's always so green.
Driftin' on, Cheyenne, don't forget the things you have seen.
And when you will settle down, where will it be, Cheyenne?

Here's a wild review of the second season.

Agents of Shield tried to explain fixed timelines and future vision with Flat Land. But no one pointed out the obvious thing, which was (regardless of their reality being fixed timeline or splitting timelines/multiverse) that the future was only happening the way it was happening because the person saw the future. No amount of trying to change it would have helped because everything that they did after they saw the future was a result of seeing the future, which, then, leads to the future that they saw. Explaining time as a fixed dimension that we can only see slices of doesn't even matter because of how the writers portrayed the first guy seeing the future ("I know who you are because I saw this happening"). Time in the AOS!verse could easily be splitting into multiple timelines depending on the choices made and not actually be fixed at all. Of course, the characters wouldn't know this because, kinda like Coulson's John Connor example, going back in time alters a new (split) timeline, which allows you to do what you did without changing your (original timeline's) past... seeing the future is the split that leads them to a new timeline.
Now, if you had a character who's power was to see all possible timelines... maybe you could "change the future" (skip over to a more preferable future outcome while still being, you know, original timeline you).
03 April 2016 @ 06:39 am
Oh, Hanna is a god on The Magicians. I forgot about that, but then I rewatched the latest episode. She's pure and beautiful and I assume it won't turn out well, but obviously she was also a god while she worked at Infeld Daniels, so it's great that she's being worshiped now. Hanna being a god has to do with the hedge witches, so it's far more interesting than Q, even though now he's discovered that being a magician apparently doesn't actually cure someone's mental problems either. (I suppose there's nothing really especially dull about Q, just that he suffers from main character syndrome, where things have to be about him and his issues, and it's just that everyone else's issues are more interesting, except maybe for Alice, where I wish we had learned more about the dead sex magician from another reality rather than her attachment problems)

I've been watching Cheyenne, it's this western from the late 50s - early 60's, about a very tall, very deep voiced, very ripped (like, he always has to take off his shirt for some reason) cowboy who's actually gentle and who wanders around the west frontier just trying to do his thing, like guiding cattle places and maybe being a ranch hand for a bit with the other single men. But there's always some sort of trouble that he has to deal with and he's always, like, quietly resigned to having to do the trouble thing instead of what he wants to do, like 'well, I guess I'll help out... because it's the right thing to do...'. but like where it's kind of an imposition, or like where there really should be someone else that could deal with this, but because he's 6'6" he's gotta knock someone out or take someone to jail or do justice stuff or whatever. And there's always some chick that he's politely rude to, like he's really kind of a dick, but I guess in an upstanding way they were back then, you know? (like one lady cornered him in a barn and he's all 'Ma'am, you're married and I have to leave, so move.' and another one's father basically bought him so that he could marry his daughter and the daughter was like 'well, I'm not going to marry you.' and Cheyenne got this look and was like 'well, I wasn't planning on asking you.' and then he tried to sweet talk one lady that was going to rat him out to the sheriff like 'you could be pretty if you didn't wear your hair like that' and she's all 'You don't have to tell me I'm pretty. It won't change my mind.' and he's like 'I didn't say you were pretty. I said you could be.') ... like while you're watching you're always kind of like 'omg, Cheyenne, chill.' but where it's still good.

Archer is back and I can't wait for the rest of this season.
29 March 2016 @ 05:49 am
I read a post on tumblr where someone was explaining the epitome of manic pixie dreamgirl-ness by talking about a play they saw where the girl only talked to the main guy character and then it turned out she was a ghost and the whole audience fell for it and this tumblr user was like 'the only way it didn't seem odd to anyone that she didn't touch anything or talked to anyone else is because we're all conditioned to think that women revolve around men and that's what makes them full people', but it's like, you know, the same thing happened in The Sixth Sense and that was Bruce Willis and thousands of people fell for that, so, it's probably more like people just don't really pay attention to shit? idk.

I can't deal with The Walking Dead anymore.

Oh, The Magicians. It seems like maybe it's moving along at a decent clip now. But are they no longer at school? Does no administrator care what they're doing? Even though they know about the beast? Was this all explained in the episodes that I didn't really pay attn to?
26 March 2016 @ 04:44 am
In episode 7 of Rat Patrol Troy forgot everything he knew about surviving in the desert from ep 4... he got lost over, I swear, one single sand dune, stared at the sun for mins on end, and then got captured by Dietrich (who preceded to convince him he had actually been blinded by the sun). In ep 9 him and Dietrich eye fucked over a highly explosive pink ball and then Dietrich let him blow up, idk, something he was supposed to be guarding I wasn't paying attention, and then walked away. Quality. (I mean, it's not terribly good quality... in one ep they killed some germans by shooting them with bows and arrows, which apparently kills people instantly and quietly...)

I also watched an ep of MASH where they have to shape up because some really uptight general is coming and Henry has to wear a proper uniform and he keeps asking Radar is he looks okay because he wants to be perfect and what should he do to be perfect and Radar tells him to wet his lips and I really love them. Also during a meeting Trapper was putting paperclips together on a chain and Hawkeye had the other end and was taking them off and throwing them on Henry's desk and making a mess and that was really great too.

And I finally watched the fist episode of The Magicians, so now I know what's actually sort of going on as far as character intro's are concerned. I like how mental problems can apparently be fix by being a magician, but it's no cure for the diabetes.

Grimm called lycanthropy a weson disease, but everyone had to pretend to be confused about what lycanthrope meant, as though no one's ever heard of werewolves before. They eventually were kind of casually handwave-y about it, like 'oh it's where the werewolf myth came from', but no one was like 'like a werewolf?' when Monroe said lycanthrope, everyone just stood around silently looking confused like they didn't know what the word meant.

Magic Mike 2: Stripper Boogaloo (? idk what it's actually called) is on hbo and I keep randomly turning to it, but I've only caught half of one dance and I kind of think that there's no really dancing in that movie, it's just sad talks on the beach and sad talks in cars and sad talks with girls and Channing Tatum doing the same sad look he does in every other movie he's in.