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25 February 2017 @ 04:00 am
Oh, poor Penny. I know that's all I ever say, but that's all I ever feel. Besides that the pregnancy bunny was amazing. And now is the thing going to be like if you go all niffen does the you part of you just go elsewhere?
24 February 2017 @ 02:38 pm
My tv finally died wednesday night, which is of course the only night I watch anything of substance now (The Magicians), so by the time I went out, bought another tv, and hooked it up it was three quarters of the way through the ep and all I got out of it was... baby drama??? yes??? ???... but now I have a new tv that I hate because flat screens and blah blah technological advances and no tubes and whatever, it's fine. I'll watch Magicians on friday.

Also having an emotional crisis about making art and not understand abstractism and having no feelings inside of me to express, but whatever that's also fine.

Started watching Supernatural again? Probably? Idk, we'll see?

Heard the ceiling demon just now. Sounds bigger than before.

Tried watching Central Intelligence. It's supposed to be weird...??? Yes? Like The Rock's character is supposed to be a weirdo? I didn't watch the whole movie so I don't know, but I watched enough.

Watched the wonderful s6 ep of Cheyenne where he tries to have standards for himself and also meets another lovely mexican boyfriend who betrays him. Everything about Cheyenne's life is tragic. 'We know you're worth $60 and you won't settle for $40 but all we have is $20'... that works for so many situations besides sherffing. (spellcheck says that's not a word, but only suggests kingfisher)
20 February 2017 @ 01:53 pm
I'm continually baffled about the unreality that some people live in, like people who get interviewed, and they're all earnestly confused about how 'obama was president for 8 years and now it's dt's turn and he should be given the same chance' so though everyone is just being oddly unfair and it's like, you know, outside of everything that dt's done, the ties to russian and the lying and the destroying protections with wild abandon and going after the media, even besides all of that, like, you still have the fact that obama wasn't given a chance, that the republicans from day one straight up said that they were going to try and block everything obama wanted to do, and that they did that for eight years... and I just want one newsperson to ask one of these people, like, if they actually lived someplace else for the last eight years or if they're just wildly racist so what the republicans did for no reasons was fine or if they're just willfully ignorant of facts or if they're actually entirely ignorant of facts and thus should not be interviewed for television. I mean, I've totally met people that do not and will never understand certain things, but that should at least be mentioned in a news interview instead of just letting people say things sans explanation, as though their wildly unconnected to reality opinion was a fact, like does no one want to know why this person is so wide-eyed with misinformation, is no one concerned, if they truly don't understand what's happening, about letting them continue on their way? It was cnn so they really don't care to point anything out because they're going to start turning towards dt in the hopes that he'll stop calling them fake news.
19 February 2017 @ 04:57 am
Breckin Meyer posted a picture of a rainbow. Bless him.

It's unnaturally warm here and the muskrats are out in abundance, doing their muskrat thing and looking very plush.

Had a dream that Jim Carrey made another Ace Ventura movie, it was mostly fart jokes. Also had a dream about pregnant angels and demons eschewing typical gender disclosures and instead wearing signs that said "demon on board" and "angel on board". The dreams probably were't related. Also also dreamed of something that seemed like a very important idea, but I've forgotten it now.

Watched the episode of Cheyenne where he has to deal with a whole terrible group of people while being attached by the Shoshone. He looks so tired and kind of sweaty and entirely done with his whole life. And watched the one before that where Cheyenne is weirdly taken by this super dickish army officer who doesn't listen to Cheyenne or want Cheyenne around at all and even though the guy like fucks up at every turn in the end Cheyenne's like what a great guy about him, it's so bizarre. ... Anyway, Maverick would totally be, like, flush with cash from gambling on a riverboat and then go ashore and find Cheyenne blowing guys in a back alley for food money and offer him, like, idk, $20 to spend the night in his hotel room, right?

Was thinking about knitting a hat like CS wears on Riverdale, but then I remembered that I really dislike knitting because I can't perl and I don't know how to keep the right tension so every stitch is a goddamn struggle because it's too fucking tight.
18 February 2017 @ 03:51 am
The channel that plays Cheyenne recently started airing Maverick. I'm not usually awake at the ungodly hour of 10 am when they air it, but I have caught a couple of eps. It's not nearly anywhere as good as Cheyenne, and it wasn't until I read the wiki on it did I realize that there's a Bret and a Bart and not just one guy that they can't consistently name, but I'm pretty they do use some of the same sets as Cheyenne, and they share the lady con-artist from the first ep of Cheyenne's second season so they must exist in the same universe... so I suppose we could ship Cheyenne with Bret... or Bart... or both... or the other two from later seasons?

Anyway, I can't believe that Maverick got a big movie remake and Cheyenne didn't.
16 February 2017 @ 03:57 am
If I was Penny I probably would have specified getting my hands back sans curse...? But whatever it's probably fine. I love Margo. <3 Best Bitches. Poor Marina, I guess she just stays in, like, hell.
14 February 2017 @ 03:33 pm
There is nothing not amazing about Breckin Meyer. His full of love bday wishes to Seth, his confused insomnia fueled viewing of Howard the Duck, his apparent inability to change a tire resulting in him wounding himself while pulling out the spare for the aaa guy, his painted toes, his confessions about semi common foods he's never eaten, him vaguely @ing MPG on vday about F&B... he's so precious.

There's this one really weird commercial for ancestry.com's dna service where this guy has gotten the dna test and found out that the family members he thought were italian were actually eastern european and he's so excited about finding out a new thing about himself but his wife is, like, barely holding it together? She's like 'I thought I was marrying an italian. But really he's... eastern european' like she kind of smiles afterwards but it was so hard for her to get those words out. And it's such a side eye-y commercial because like did no one realize what her deal was or what?

PoGo had a vday event where pink pokes were more common and it was supposed to include porygon and even though everything was biom-locked months ago a saw a porygon shadow so I figured that I could at lest find one, but no and I'm full of disappoint. Did hatch an igglybuff and found a wild chansey (and like a ton of lickingtongues), so not a total loss.
10 February 2017 @ 03:06 am
I thought maybe I was over Cheyenne, but then I hadn't watched an episode in a while, and then I did, and it was the one where he teams up with Sugarfoot and Bronco and he's so gay with them and he's so big next to them and I usually can't really deal with Bronco, but Cheyenne sort of looks at him and smiles and punched him once and is like a whole head taller than him and his voice is so much deeper and it's like this older guy watching out for this little young things (even though Clint was only like three years older than Ty (bronco)) and Cheyenne was so sassy in the ep because he was getting away with all this stuff and it's like, no I love it so much. Fuck, his sassy smile and eyes when he's fucking with someone. So amazing. I die. So I went and bought the whole series on dvd, like an idiot, I'm totally feeling guilty over it and hate myself, but also it's literally the only thing I've loved watching enough to ever think about buying, except for F&B, which is not out on dvd and will forever haunt me. Anyway... vaguery about me having all the eps, just in case, you know, whatever.

Things I wish I had known about when I was younger: speed skating. I could have maybe been a really amazing speed skater but now we'll never know.

What's going on on Lucifer? Like I saw some gifs and I guess things happened?

I tried again to watch Lethal Weapon. It's... still very not good. But next week Thomas Lennon is on it so I probably have to watch.

I still can't remember when MacGyver is on.

My health insurance co never knows if I owe them money or not. And now I can't pay through their website because it says I owe $0 even though I haven't paid this month. They sent me three bills last month, all with different amounts due, one being $0, after not getting a paper bill for two months. I have no idea with them and I frankly don't really care about finding out. They also have me listed online as living in Louisiana and I can't edit it, but like, they took the first part of my town's name and put in the state section and took the state and added it to the town name. There has not been one thing about this company that hasn't been a complete fuck up. Like, it's mostly whatever because I never use it, but also it's like, you know, if I had to use it could I even? Who the fuck knows.

Also, such a fail on The Magicians with their back demons? Like, I just, idk. So unnecessary?
08 February 2017 @ 04:07 pm
I'm so back into my Russell Crowe thing but now the only new thing he's going to be in is The Mummy and I won't watch Tom Cruise. Also, like, The Mummy does not really need a remake? The Brendan Fraser version was pretty perf? Anyway.

The fandom for The Nice Guys was small and now basically dead. Like all my fandoms. But it seems to have missed out on this one part and I don't know if it's just me reading things that aren't there or what but there's this scene where Holly (RG's character's daughter) says that Holland (RG's character) is the worst detective on earth, and she was, like, pissed to begin with because he's drunk in the middle of the day and made Jackson (RC's character) wait and doesn't want to work until he gets more money, but she doesn't really go after him until Jackson is going to leave, like she basically sees that Jackson is walking out of their lives because Holland's such a fuck up and then yells at him, and no one talks about it, and it's like obvs a professional thing because he won't do his job, but also it's like... Holland can't even see that he's going to lose Jackson (which makes him a pretty shit detective, because Holly decided that Jackson was going to be, like, her other father as soon as they met). ???

I know we're not meant to enjoy/read/write slavefic, but if it does happen does it have to include a white character being ott about how terrible it is and go all history lesson about it? I mean, you know?

Magicians is on tonight.
Instead of making a new post...
Oh god, that was tragic. Altho, to be fair, I don't really care about Alice or Q or their whole deal, so.
Also, I terribly dislike when stories do a thing because it's for the story instead of what would probably happen... like Julia no longer needed the beast there, she could have just finished off the fox, but because they needed to prolong that storyline she fucked everything up instead and, ugh, Marina, that whole thing was, like, so awful, I can't deal.
I guess the curse stuff had to come first because of what happened but, idk, it really seemed like a rush job, like that could have been a whole ep.
But way to go Ember, right? I mean, ew, serious ew, but it was a nice nice fuck you and who knows maybe it'll restore magic?
And as usual, poor Penny. His life is so tragic. Plus, the fandom has a serious lack of h/c stories about Penny, so I die.

Despite my best efforts I've fallen into watching Riverdale and caring infinitesimally about Archie comics. There's a whole thing going on about Jughead being asexual, and possibly aromantic, but, as with fucking anything having do with with asexuality or aromanticity ever, it's fraught with controversy. And I really tried not to care about it, but I was, like, already kind of cheesed about how the comic writer dismissed the idea of Jughead being aromantic if he was written older and no one giving a fuck about that back when it happened but people being oh so ready to go on about how he's "canon" aro now even though he fucking isn't for reasons no one cares to question, so now I'm like invested or some shit.
03 February 2017 @ 02:02 am
Watched The Nice Guys. Why did no one else talk about this movie? Like, buddy cop-ish things are always pretty gay, but this was, like, I mean, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling totally got together at the end to raise RG's daughter as fully in love dad-tectives, right? It's just, it was like super cute because they're both sort of awful people and clearly not good for anyone and the kid should really be in a more stable home environment but still... it was very family-y and adorable and really pretty great.
(though half way through my father's like 'isn't that the deadpool guy?' and I had to be like 'no that's the other ryan' and he's like 'wtf' because we've gone through the ryan v ryan thing more than once)

Anyway, I think most can agree that the chubbier RC gets the better he gets.

I can't seem to get involved in any political things because everyone is very much about talking and discussing things with senators and congress people as though they actually give a shit or actually aren't awful people or, in the case of most dems, aren't spineless and I'm sure that's all well and good and makes people feel like they're doing something but I feel as though it doesn't really address the actual problem... I mean, it's like rabid dogs and whatnot, you know? Anyway, talk to a couple of guys at the art show and they wanted to get into protesting and we talked about not just handing out personal information will nilly and watching out for plainclothes cops and making sure that whatever group they were in wasn't just a bunch of straight people, because you never know if they're going to turn.

Oh, Magicians. I love everything about poor Eliot and his terrible farm childhood with the fresh goat milk. Can't wait to find out what the curse might be. Do we know why the fox is killing hedges? Like is this a sudden thing? Have hedges just started praying to gods? Or do they pray all the time and the fox just now decided to go all rampaigy? And is now just out and about and murdering? I don't pay a ton of attention while I'm watching so this all may have been answered. Penny and his hands and having to accept help even though he doesn't want to because everyone's always screwed him around and, like, I know it went kind of sexual real quick but there was like a hot second where Sunderland was rubbing that stuff on his hands and he was being a total bitch about it but then he realized that it actually felt kind of nice and he sort of sucked it up and asked her to do his shoulders and, like, that shit right there's my jam.

I was going to give the people who invited us to the art show the benefit of the doubt, like maybe they just didn't know any better, but then they, like, straight up lied to me about some stuff and I was like screw that and was icy to them all weekend and they didn't come near us again. And then we joked about how we might as well pack up because there was zero people at this show and one (other) lady took it seriously and moved all our stuff out of one room and into the courtyard and another artist had to come and tell us that they'd left a mirror on a garbage can and a cabinet practically in their booth so I had to go apologize to them but they were understanding about it and were a bit wtf over the general disregard we were experiencing.