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03 February 2016 @ 05:53 am
Oh, Face just had to tell an older lady that he was actually an orphan and had no mom and she was sad that Face never got sent care packages with cookies in them during the war and Face looked like 'oh, this is what having a mom is like' and I died.

Galavant was so good. I think S2 was even better than S1. I'd love for it to get a S3, but, well, who knows. It ended in a decent place at least. *draws hearts all around Tad Cooper*

X-Files was absolutely perf last night. Classic wacky XF ep. (people on tumblr seemed confused about why it was the way it was, but that might be from people who've never watched before? idk.) Kumail Nanjiani was adorably amazing. I'm so glad he gets to do good things. (tumblr's also going off about how transmisogynistic it was, but ehhh... it seemed more like a fumbled execution of attempted inclusive-ness. I know, gold intentions and hell and everything.) Scully continues to be the best thing ever. *draws hearts all around Dagoo*

The Venture Bros is back and is incredible. Per usual. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch has so much on her plate. And I'm loving all the new heroes and villains.

Finding a fandom that isn't terribly into slash is such a bizarre experience.
28 January 2016 @ 04:41 am
You ever read a fic where it's not really great, but it has some stuff that you're kinda into, so it's, like, fine, and you can forgive a lot of what's wrong, and you think it's going to go somewhere, but then you're like 30 chapters in and it's 6 am and you're like the fuck because nothing is happening and it's kinda awful, but not in that awful awful way where you know to back button as soon as you start and there's another 15 chapters to go and you really don't want to read any more but you keep thinking that something has to happen eventually, like the whole point can't be that two characters were good buddies even though a bunch of stuff seemed to point that at some point they were going to start making out. (tbf, the last bit is about a fic that wasn't at all labeled with any kind of relationship, but it had that slow burn feeling, like where you might get to a certain point and the writer would be like 'and now they're gonna get together, so if you just want to read it as friends skip the next two chapters' or whatever)

Here’s a list of things I frequently say to my cats:
No hiss-y hiss-y!
Who has a silly tum?
Did you see an outside kitty? Do you want mum to go look at the outside kitty?
Be full of sweetness and love.
*over exaggerated shocked gasp* No...

I really want to do a low budget public tv type of show for cats where they get taught important life lessons via puppets and with songs like 'don't sniff butts' and 'when you make a stinky in the litter box bury it' and 'scratch on the scratching post, that's what it's for'.

Riddick was on tv last night. End spoilers if you haven't seen it.

There's this great bit at the end, where Johns and Riddick are working together to fight the creatures(? alien things? I'm sure they have a name) and Riddick gets impaled by a stinger/claw/fang/whatever, and he sort of staggers towards Johns, but then he falls and he can't get back up, and it's dark and raining and very dramatic, and Johns looks worried and tosses a grenade at the creatures to buy him and Riddick time and goes to Riddick and Riddick's like 'omg, okay, let's do this' because no one ever cares about him, and Johns looks like he's going to pick Riddick up and carry him to safety, but then he just shoves Riddick over to get to the power cell on his back and there's this awful closeup of Riddick's face, so full of pain and disappointment and knowing that he shouldn't have believed anyone would help him, and then Johns leaves him all alone. Ugh.
27 January 2016 @ 06:53 am
My hard drive failed on me, which was awful, but I had managed to grab everything off it I think, so it's all fine. I paid the man at the office depot to put a new drive in for me, and I had called up a few days before and the (other) man on the phone said it'd be $50 to put it in and install os, but when I got there the guy that helped me said it'd be $50 to put the hard drive in and then another $100 to load the os and I was like 'but on the phone...' and he's like 'oh, yeah, so and so? with the deep voice? he told me about that conversation. I can walk you through installing the os for free' which was nice of him, and I suppose I could have done it all myself, but the internet said that if I wasn't properly grounded I could short circuit everything and that made me nervous, but then the guy showed me what to press to boot and put the dvd in the computer for me and told me that my power button didn't work right and I told him that it was fiddle-y and you had to hit it in the right direction and he just kept pressing it straight and now it's even fiddle-ier, but I got the computer home and loaded the os and it was terribly simple and not worth $100 to do? but I guess maybe it would have been if something had gone wrong, but it all seems fine and I move all my info and files over from the backup external hd and I only had to reinstall gimp (a newer version) and re figure out how to connect filezilla to the website so I can update it, but I did it and now I feel like a computer whiz.

Also, I can't believe Hannibal made Face hire the A Team.
16 January 2016 @ 03:02 am
Every once in a while I flip onto an ep of Hogan's Heroes and without fail fall into a total whirlpool of Klink/Hogan slashing. It's terrible. This episode they had to fake an escape so that Klink would be focused on one tunnel while they actually lead a real escape through another tunnel, but it happened at night, and they woke Klink up, so he was only, like, half dressed, like pants and boots (knee high boots) and he's trying to get his boot on throughout this whole scene and only has, like, a white tee shirt on? And then he sort of pulled his jacket on, but didn't button it, and idk it was just really good, cause Hogan was then standing really close to him (like he usually does) but, I mean, there wasn't that buttoned up uniform barrier... Hogan could have reached out and practically touched skin.

Ugh. I said it was terrible. (it hits a lot of weird buttons for me... military, uniforms, power dynamics (but, like, weird almost equal power dynamics because they're both colonels, but also prisoner/warden and also flipside where Hogan's clearly in control? but where also Klink probably knows about what's going on because he's not really a bad guy...?)... ugh)

We have this show on the weather channel (which used to just be about weather but now has pretty much everything except the weather) where a skinny wilderness surviver guy take three fat guys into the woods (the show's called Fat Guys In The Woods) with him for a weekend to teach them to survive. So while trying to find some weather I ended up watching part of this week's episode and the skinny guy is like 'I never go anywhere without these in my pocket' and he pulls out a bunch of (unwrapped) tampons, which he proceeded to tear apart to get at the cotton lining so that he could roll it up in some leaves between two 2x4s and start a fire... and it was so entirely ridiculous, because he didn't he didn't bring it up like, 'oh hey, if you're with someone who has periods, these are useful in a pinch', but as though before he ever decides to get lost in the woods he stops at the local mart and buys tampons (which are not super cheap or anything) to unwrap and keep in his pockets, just in case he needs some cotton, instead of, you know, buying (pretty cheap) cotton balls or, like, a fucking lighter.

And he always whines about being cold, but never really talks about how him and the three fat guys should cuddle at night to stave off hypothermia.

People on tumblr are making posts about how Boba Fett was basically useless as a bounty hunter, but no one ever mentions Breckin's version of Boba, who thinks he's really cool, but is actually kinda dorky and gay for Han? and it makes me so upset.
(actually, no one ever seems to be bringing up any of the robot chicken star wars specials, which seems odd? but maybe different demographics? idk.)

Breckin got to go out on a date with Seth and seemed very excited that there was a mirror, and, so, two Seth Greens.
13 January 2016 @ 03:39 pm
Saturday started off okay because I found a dime, but by then end of the day I had thought the car heater wasn't working when it was, forgetten to pick up salt, couldn't find paint at the harwear store, and then did pick up a container of salt at another grocery store only to find out, once I was at checkout and had already walked through the store, that it had a hole in the bottom and was pouring salt out everywhere. Classic.

I watched Fury Road. I liked it and everything, very exciting, but I also got a different vibe from it than what I had gotten off of posts about it on tumblr. idk.

So I was having a dream about possibly being eaten by a tiger while camping and before the tiger came snuffling around dream!me was looking at the internet on their phone at the latest hot meme, which was taking WorkDeath (a simple comic featuring a classic looking Death (robe, skeleton, scythe) in various 9-5 work situations like sitting at the computer, making copies, taking a water cooler break) and replacing Death with their favorite character or just pasting the head of their favorite character onto Death’s body. It was awful, because a lot of the time it was just characters from an office at an office and it ruined whatever the original WorkDeath was going for, which is sort of par for internet memes.

Barring the meme the first half of the dream was more interesting. It was an adventure movie starring Kurt Russell and Owen Wilson and they were climbing a mountain to find silver, but Kurt was continually upset with Owen because Owen was useless and Kurt had to drag him up the mountain and keep him from falling and take care of him and he was really fed up with it and at one point he nearly kicked Owen off the mountain, but another character (which was possibly tv's Greg Grunberg?) stopped him because Owen was the only one who knew where the silver was. But then when they decided to make camp for the night the pov switched and I was being disappointing by internet memes and about to be eaten by a tiger (my mind said 'watch out for mountain bears' and made a tiger instead and also a goat).
08 January 2016 @ 08:03 am
There's something ironic about someone whining about at home tattooing being bad because there are tattoo artists who make a living off of professional tattooing, but no one ever whining about other types of at home artistry being bad because 'what of the professionals?'... esp coming from a fandom space where people are charging for fan made items featuring other people work? idk. (there are other very good reasons to complain about at home tattooing tho)

I like not!Face's relationship with Murdock. Not that Face's relationship with Murdock isn't *hearts*, but still. I also like how the first episode establishing Face as Face and not not!Face is all about him getting smacked around and being kinda 'easy way out' and whiny. Idk, did not!Face have his shit more together?

Every post I make I want to start with "Dear Diary, Today I cried about Franklin and Bash and wondered if Breckin Meyer was doing okay."

It looks like maybe SVU might set up Carisi with Rollins (which is just no for a lot of reasons, but mostly because they don't have to make poor Rollins jump on every guy who looks at her), but it's like perfectly on schedule after tptb spoke up about how they knew about people slashing Carisi and Barba. Like textbook. Amazing.

Can't I look at anyone's tumblr without seeing casual rpf shaming?

Or without casual platonic affection shaming (...? that's not the right word but I don't know what is ... where it's apparently entirely ridiculous and impossible to be affectionate and caring towards people without sexual or romantic feelings)? :/
04 January 2016 @ 01:03 pm
Is everyone watching Galavant? Because everyone should be watching Galavant.

One of our random channels is going to be running The A-Team, so they did a mini marathon over the holiday. They showed this ep where the team was helping some lobster trappers against some other lobster trappers? Idk, I didn't entirely pay attention to the first half, but Murdock was vibing with a not!live lobster, to the dismay of BA, and there were a lot of boats. Anyway, like halfway through Face comes back with scuba gear and assumes that Hannibal is going to use it and Hannibal is like 'no, it's you and Murdock.' and Face gets really upset about his delicate sinuses and how him and Murdock aren't even certified and Hannibal doesn't care and says they have to do it because they're getting flabby and Face is all D: (Hannibal is so mean) ...but, then, for what I assume was the entire reason that someone came up with this episode, Face spends the rest of the ep wearing nothing but a skin tight, no sleeved, short wet suit.

There was also a part where Face had to get out of the water and into the dingy that Hannibal and BA are in and he has the hardest fucking time even though Hannibal's dragging his ass in and I don't know if that was supposed to be Face being a brat about the scuba sitch or if Dirk just couldn't get in the boat.
01 January 2016 @ 12:00 am
How's it going, 2016? *waves*
31 December 2015 @ 11:59 pm
So long, 2015. *salutes*
31 December 2015 @ 04:09 am
Post the first sentence of the first entry of the month for every month of the year.

Jan - Around 15 or so years ago I heard a somewhat fast paced version of Unchained Melody on an oldies radio station.

Feb - I wonder if Peter used all the songs from Rent or just some of them.

March - Mark-Paul still continues to casually rebuff Breckin's affections.

April - In ep 1 of season 2 Damien calls Jared Bambi.

May - Today I thought about Damien seeing Jared go all shark!lawyer and it ends up being a really terrible experience for him (like he thought that grownup!Jared would be a good thing but it's actually kind of scary and unnerving), like he has to bring Jared on as second chair for this awful corporate client that they've got and Jared's doing a cross examination of some insignificant worker and the worker mentions something that would have slipped right past Damien, but shark!lawyer Jared latches onto it (Damien thinks it's like this one story that Stanton told him about when he was a boy visiting his cousins farm and they had a rat terrier who was very sweet and fun until one time young!Stanton watched it go after a rat in a sack of barely and tear it to pieces) and the worker's basically in tears at the end and Jared just goes back to his seat and doesn't look at Damien for like the rest of the day maybe the rest of the week.

June - I want a wacky road trip movie that's full of misadventure set in a post apocalyptic world.

July - I have so many questions about Wayward Pines... like when will they run out of toothpaste and toilet paper? where are they getting their meat? where are they getting the gas for the cars? how is electricity supplied? water turbines? wind? why hasn't anyone even secretively complained about a lack of internet or tv or movie theaters? is there a Wayward Pines Players Theatre Co that puts on productions of Shakespeare In The Park? did anyone bother to keep a record of artistic achievements during human history or is Reed's character's wooden toys the most art humanity has left? did anyone record the last days of humanity? are we sure there's not a kick ass super advanced moon colony that escaped earth before humans turned into beasts? did this only happen in the US? are we sure there's not a kick ass super advanced civilization in Europe or Australia or something?

Aug - I have too much mint in the yard so I looked up suggestions for what to do with mint and like all of the are 'make mojitos!!!' and it's like calm down people in the comment sections, damn... what suggestions I was actually looking for was something like 1,001 desserts that use mint or something.

Sept - Perhaps next week we will see an actual animal attack on Zoo.

Oct - Someone on tumblr wrote a whole thing about how Zak from Ghost Adventures has been acting really off since Nick left and then they tagged it that their post shouldn't be used for shipping purposes and I'm like omg, people and their pearl clutching over rps, even though it's entirely clear that Zak had some kind of thing* going on with Nick that got derailed when Nick went all family man (because, yo, you don't tweet that your friends baby creeps you out because it's like a doll and you're freaked out over dolls... that's, like, another level) and he tried to replace him with Billy and it hasn't worked out.

Nov - So apparently it was “Love Your Lawyer Day” today... err yesterday.

Dec - I hate how much JJ Abrahms loves Star Wars.

I... need to learn to sentence less. (I mean, I probably could have cut those down... but they're complete thoughts)

Also, it's amazing how nothing is Franklin and Bash, and yet everything is still Franklin and Bash.

Also also, and more for personal records than anything, but here's the hair designs I had this year. (already posted the first two but anyway)