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13 September 2017 @ 03:53 am
I went to Maine (well, toured the whole east coast really) and I almost think I could live there, if it wasn't for the people. The people are terrible...? Like I mean they're probably fine but they can't drive and there's just like some vague rudeness going on.

Went to Harvard and Yale. They're... not like what I thought? Like, they don't seem stately at all... and I didn't see any ivy at all. Disappointment.

Went to the eastern most spot in the US. Saw a sea lion, a porcupine, and a bob cat. And then later as we went to the Cape we saw a very plush skunk.

Eta something I meant to say about the east coast but forgot. 

Okay, so, you know the SNL skits with Jimmy Fallon and Rachael Dratch where they're boston teens? Like the whole time I was hearing, like, mild versions of that accent and level of Boston-ness (?), but then we stopped to get gas and it's like at this no where station at, like, 11 at night and it's the only station open and I go and prepay and the car doesn't take it all and I go back in to get the change and I'm doing my 'being friendly, joking about how it wouldn't taken it all even though I bumped it and shook it and tried to squeeze it in' because I always feel like no one really chats with middle of the night gas station workers and this guy, he must have been close to my age, maybe a little younger, stares at me and then in this totally out of this Jimmy Fallon SNL skit accent is like 'woah, you talk like a dude! you know, rock it, bump it, squeeze it in!' and he does this sort of hand motions and I'm, like, dying, and I'm all 'yeah, you got it man, have a good one.' and it was entirely amazing. It was the best wild animal sighting, a ocal east coaster in his natural habitat.
I told my dad about it and he didn't seem nearly as impressed.

Ugh, I tried to do a cut but it doesn't work???

Watched The Orville. I wonder if they'll keep up the production value or if that's only for the pilot and we won't see most of those sets ever again. Kinda stiff acting wise, but, pilot, so I'm gonna assume that it'll loosen up. Read more...Collapse )Were we actually supposed to be on the ex wife's side, that, like, cheating is okay if someone isn't paying enough attention to you? Cause that's weird...? No? People are acting like that's a totally fine thing. Is Ed going to learn a lesson about forgiveness and they'll hook up again? Will he find out that she's the only reason he has a ship and suffer a career ending downward spiral? Who knows. Anyway. I kinda ship the pilots. I love the doctor with her green hair streak. Why isn't there more colorful hair in futuristic sci-fi? They could have toned down the Worf-ness of the second officer. Enter your cut contents here.</div> There's so much decent sci-fi that I haven't gotten into... why am I hanging my expectations on this probably terrible show? It's definitely going to get cancelled before it finishes a full season. I have such trash tastes.
02 September 2017 @ 03:15 am
This weekend on Bat Masterson we learn that Bat apparently gets to go to secret army weapon symposia, because he knew all about a new kind of pressure explosive (and also nearly got himself exploded).

"I need the kind of help we once gave each other in Dodge." Like, in episode, it didn't end up being gay help, but, man, that really sounds like they at least gave each other handjobs.

Bat Masterson laid in bed in his flower patterned waistcoat and smoked a cigar. He's amazing like that.

Then Bat got his ass beat by this family, and was all bloody and bruised for the entire episode, then he got winged by a bullet, and then he saved the family from losing their ranch because someone wanted it for the oil underneath that the family didn't know about. (he also sort of lit a few people on fire with a cigarette and ground oil and it's was all very dramatic)

Bat also talked about going to Cheyenne again and it's a damn crime that they never actually did a cross over because Cheyenne sounds lovely when Bat says it.
29 August 2017 @ 05:04 am
Watching through to the end of Cheyenne I never really register that he, you know, ages much? But then the channel airing it goes back to the first or second season and I'm like 'oh, he's a bit of a baby here'.

Was at a show all weekend. A useless, useless show.

I'm into baseball now? I guess that's what you get when you have a winning team, but it's still odd. I'm watching the games, knowing the players, reading the not too well written rps, usual fan stuff. The Rizz is my fav because he got a bit chunky during the off season and he doesn't like to hustle much and he's got at least two restaurants that he does commercials for and he gets hit with pitches all the time and it's all really adorable. But they're all very young, I think basically the whole team is under thirty or something, so they're just children.

The enterprise car rental guy sent me a friend request on facebook and I accepted and now he can know that I'm a nonbinary socialist who doesn't get along with organized religion and who is three years older than him. So that's... great? He also got into a major car crash a couple of weeks ago and cracked his head open and had to be in the hospital and it was very traumatic for him. (in case anyone is keeping track of things I know about the car rental guy)

Facebook finally told me that I had a 5 month old message from my cousin on my mother's side saying that she had found some pics of me while going through my grandmother's attic and asking if I wanted them (I don't have a ton of young!me stuff). Now this is a cousin that I haven't seen or talked to in 20 some years, like that whole side of the family, so it was weird that she'd even try to contact me since no one ever has before... but I messaged her back saying that I knew that it was late but if she still had them I'd like them, and she messaged back right away to tell me she'd look for them but that my "crazy ass mother" might have also taken them and I was like... I mean, like I know what I remember about all that, but then I second guess myself because it was all so long ago and I was young and maybe I had, like, made a bigger deal out of shit that I should have and maybe my mother actually had her shit together and I just couldn't see it, you know? So I was like 'oh if she's got them I'll probably get them back one by one in her rambling letters she sends me on my birthday ... and also that you for saying that she's nuts because sometimes I question myself about that' and she's like 'oh yeah, everyone knows she's nuts, I stay away from her, she's off in her own world' and on the one hand it's really fucking relieving to have that kind of confirmation and on the other hand it's like, where the fuck were you 20 years ago (or rather where were grandparents, aunt/uncle, extended family (there were at least like 10 or so adults on that side) cause you can't really blame youngish cousins) and why didn't anyone ever try to contact me, and so I told her that I was sorry that I never really reached out but it was because I didn't know what my mother had told anyone or how the rest of the family felt about me suddenly not being around anymore and that I just figured that if anyone needed me they could find me (since for 6+ years after I left I lived only one town over for everyone) and I said that if she wanted to keep in touch that it was cool and sort of left it at that. It was just... weird, I guess.
18 August 2017 @ 08:13 pm
I had this dream last night that I was on a reality tv show and it was, like, a combo baking + fashion show, where you had to make a look and also a baked good to match that look and this weeks theme was wedding dresses and I had made... idk if it was hideous or what but it was definitely questionable and certainly not a "wedding dress", you know? And my model was upset because we were definitely going home and other contestants were like 'idk, you might be middle of the road safe, the judge might hate other things more.' and I was like 'idk, he has so much to choose from that he likes' and this judge is just, like, laying into people and tearing them apart, like telling someone that they just knew the look and cake was from them because it's all surface "correct" details and artificial flavorings and anyway it's like my turn and I explain that I was, like, originally going to go, like, full traditional, with, you know, white dotted swiss fabric and soft lace and it was going to be this, like, long shirt-dress style (so it was this really straight up and down silhouette) that segued into this wildly long train and there would have been buttons down the front center that would have been covered by a sheer single, lid ruffle and the makeup would be really light and soft with, like, pulled back hair and I was going to accent it with bright, blood red lipstick and matching bright red pumps (and I assume the cake was going to be white with maybe a pale pink frosting inside). But then I decided that wait, I'm morally opposed to marriage, why would I play into that whole deal, marriage is harsh and unnatural and unfair, so instead I made this, like, giant fur coat that had, like, chunky forest green embroidery on the back and leggings and hiking boots and hair that was all loops and piled up and looked like it had, like, birds nesting in it at one point and the cake was a giant mound of dark chocolate cake covered in chocolate frosting and when you cut it open black cherry filling spilled out...

And I woke up before it could get judged.

So the community theatres around me are always complaining that they can never find enough guys to play all the parts. But the community theatres around me are also always putting on plays like 12 Angry Men and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, so... And then their other plays have the only women's parts being either a wife/mother (emotional props for the male characters) or sex workers (also emotional props for the male characters). Idk if that's what all plays are about or if they just have shit taste in plays. I mean, I'm sure there are some gritty plays out there that aren't about showing tits and having guys yell 'suck my cock', probably, maybe, who knows. I'm not pretty, or tall, enough to play a sex worker.

I was watching the second to last Cheyenne episode and I can not deal with Cheyenne's eyes when he's being betrayed. And that's in black and white, I probably would be dead if it was in color and I had to see all that sad blue. Anyway, sad and tragic, but there's this drunk character and he's telling a story to get some free drinks and he name drops Hardin and Masterson, Hardin's probs John Wesley Hardin, and Masterson would totally probably be Bat Masterson, so, like, him and Cheyenne are totally canon contemporaries and would definietly probably totally have been boyfriends. And then, more sadness and tragedy because Cheyenne met a totally cute marshal and the marshal was like 'oh hey Cheyenne, you wanna come with me now that the bad guys are taken care of?' and Cheyenne was like 'oh, no, I suppose not' and I just want to shake him, like, Cheyenne, hun, this upstanding, employed, guy wants you to go with him and he didn't betray you and he seems like he'd be gentle and take care of you if you got hurt and this is, like literally, one of the best offers you've ever got, go with him, but Cheyenne is married to loneliness and sadness and went off on his own. I cry.

I also cried after thinking about Peter and Jared going to different high schools... and how they were still friends... and how Peter was the star quarterback and Jared got beat up by band kids... it's like what were they even fucking writing. Tragedy and Bash, that's what.
14 August 2017 @ 10:51 pm
I think that maybe if we hadn't gotten the Cheyenne series we did get I could have totally probably lived with them doing the whole series ala the s7 episode Pocketful of Stars. Cheyenne being his stalwart gay self with his less than stalwart bi boyfriend who wants them to live together with a plucky chinese girl, getting into adventures, talking about how women aren't property and how industrialization means the destruction of the west, having awkward family dinner conversations about Cheyenne not buttoning up his shirt... like I think it really could have worked out.

(I mean, if they didn't want to do a whole series about Cheyenne being his stalwart gay self with his criminal mexican bi boyfriend who wants them to live together with a former dance hall girl and a baby, getting into adventures, talking about how women aren't automatically maternal and how criminal endeavors can be for the good of the people, having awkward family dinner conversations about Cheyenne being able to take care of a baby... of course. Either would have been fine.)

Here's a gif of Cheyenne's boyfriend, Ross Andrews, explaining to Mei Ling about loving women instead of owning them and her asking Cheyenne if he can't love her and Cheyenne being awkward about being gay probably.

06 August 2017 @ 12:47 am
Out of all of Syfy's new shark movies, I liked Toxic Shark the best. It's classic syfy nonsense... there's a corrosive slime spraying shark on the loose that's full of arsenic (which also means it doesn't like magnets?) and when someone gets bit or scraped by the shark they become infected by arsenic (?), which turns them into zombies (and they can also infect other with arsenic (?) if they bite them). It all makes zero sense and they also totally cribbed the ending of Jaws. So incredible.

Why hasn't Breckin Meyer done a syfy movie? I mean, I know it's bottom of the barrel type stuff, but you'd think that he'd get together with Seth or someone to play 'serious hollywood actors' who have to deal with crises or something.

I can't believe how many people are into Rawhide? Like how does that have such a following and Cheyenne has nothing? Do people only have room for one Clint in their lives? (I know I do, but I also chose the right Clint, so)
01 August 2017 @ 10:11 pm
UGH. It ate an entire post! And entire, long post, and I don't remember what it was about... because I wrote it over days. *sigh*

Okay... part of it was...

This week on Bat Masterson Bat Masterson owned a gambling hall called "Bat's Master Place" (and the "Bat's" was inside a derby hat) and it was the most brilliant thing I've ever seen and I can't believe some prop person had to make that for maybe 30 seconds of screen time.

Another part was being annoyed when people do the thing where they [ ] words in a sentence when they're quoting someone and they leave out the original word and how that makes things terribly difficult to read.


And the last part was about watching the ep of Cheyenne where he compares himself to a wild stallion and how it was dramatic and dime store novel-y and how the whole episode probably could have been expanded into a two hour movie about Cheyenne's abandonment issues re criminal boyfriends and the call of the wild gay yonder and how in a pinch hooking up with two ladies will do, but how you have to watch out for the ones that want to take you back to the east coast so that you can play father to their terrible child whom you nearly shot in the face.
28 July 2017 @ 05:06 am
There's so much TV I want to watch but I'm like never home at the right time and then I'm like ok I'll watch it online and then I just sit there like oh now I have to actually watch it and I've had, like, the syfy channel site open for two days now planning to watch Wynonna Earp, but I just don't instead.

I left a cup of water on my desk and the cat spilled it all over my key board and half the keys stopped working so I had to get a new one and it's wireless and I can go 30ft away from the computer which I guess is impressive but I never will.

Watched a couple of Cheyenne eps tho. S6 ones. One was where Cheyenne had to save a kidnapped kid by working with the kid's father whose taller than Cheyenne, and there's a bit when Cheyenne meets the guys for the first time and Cheyenne's got this like smirk or really into it smile as he looks this dude over, and idk what was going on there. I giffed it. The first is when the guy first walks into the room and then there's the smirk.

Then Cheyenne had to find a bull for a sick kid to give him the will to live or whatever and he runs into this guy who kills a man to save Cheyenne (so of course Cheyenne's totally in love) and then the guys like can I share your fire (cause it's at night) and Cheyenne make these fucking eyes at this guy and he's got his shirt half unbuttoned and he's like you can help yourself to anything you'd like and the guys like totally ignoring him and it ends tragically per all Cheyenne's possible boyfriends, but still.

There was news coming out of sdcc about The Magicians, but I didn't pay much attention to it because it wasn't primarily about Penny so who cares. (spoilers: there's a boat at some point?)

The disney channel aired their Decendants 2 movie and no one's talking about it and I hate that I'll totally watch dcoms, but these ones are, like, so tragic and disney doesn't address any of it and there's like a super gay song between the two main girls and it's all just trashy and no one cares.

Everything about the politics is so wild, like I was reading news stuff to my father, and not really paying attention to what I was reading before I read it, and so I read "I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock." and I'm like 'omg' and I literally thought that I had clicked on some onion article accidentally and am telling my father some outlandish fake news but the source was, like, the wapo, and I'm just dying.
19 July 2017 @ 11:46 pm
So, we rent cars to do art shows and our local rental place just won, like, idk, “most rentals of the month” and they got bonuses and a trophy that they get to keep for a couple of weeks and the head guy was telling me about it and he's real excited and proud and he’s like ‘so I think I’m going to take the kids to a baseball game’ and he stops and looks at me and corrects himself ‘the guys... I don’t have kids... I'm thinking of taking the guys to a baseball game.' and he's talking about the other rental guy and the carwasher guy and I'm like 'no no, they're totally your kids' and he sort of laughs and nods and it was super adorable. He's also gone to the beach with at least the other rental guy because they both live in the next town over, only mins away from the beach (head rental car guy just moved there, it's a tiny apartment that won't let him hang things on the walls, but that's okay because the only thing he had to hang was a mirror and instead he just propped it up) and head rental guy got real sunburned and I asked the other rental guy why he didn't watch out for him and make sure he wore sunscreen and the other rental guy was like 'well, he got offered to have sunscreen put on him by another guy and didn't want it so...' and I told the head rental guy that he wouldn't be making that mistake again and he agreed, he also said that once you're a few beers in you don't care if you get sunburned. Head rental guy also got invited to his rich bosses house to have a fancy dinner because he was a top renter and she has a huge house and hired a chef and had quinoa that was too fancy for him and she makes so much money that he husband can be a stay at home dad. I know a lot about this guys life.

Watched an ep of TNG the other day and I'd completely forgotten that they'd used the 'psychically connected and unable to move apart without adverse effects' trope and I was like god damn, start trek has thought of everything.
(I also can't believe that Franklin and Bash wasn't a sci-fi show so that we could have had psychically connected and unable to be apart from each other Peter and Jared, life is so monumentally unfair)

I have more annoying thoughts about art shows and selling art and it's less about the people buying and more about, like, artists and people who sell the idea of being a ~professional artist~ to artists and how that's ruining art because everyone's being told to be ~professional~ and that that looks a certain way and engages customers a certain way and that it's how things are to be done because art should be like a business instead of, you know, art and instead of having art you just have people selling things that looks like everyone elses's things and are packaged and displayed like everyone else's things in booths that are set up like everyone else's booth because everyone gets their booth set up from the same 2 companies and they have to because they're sold on that being the only way to be a ~professional artist~. And it's lead to a lot of... sent out processing? Like laser cutting and powder coating and main components and printing that isn't done by the person selling those things, which is, you know, I suppose fine, but the public doesn't know that that's what's happening and they go off and buy something and think it's fantastically handmade or whatever, so professional, think they're getting a ~real piece of art~, and all that when it's basically just small scale manufacturing. And sometimes it's all so very... mall kiosk?

I also have more annoying thoughts about judges who don't actually judge and just breeze by your booth or, like, come in hours after they were supposed to and when you're like 'well, you've missed quite a lot of pieces and the overall look of the booth' they simply do not care because it's not like they think that what you're doing is real art anyway and you're not set up like a ~professional artist~ who does ~serious art~ so it's all 'oh, so you sold some things? that's nice' and then leave.

lol. An art show every other weekend wears on you.

All I want to do is write about Bat Masterson being gentle and sweet with Cheyenne and wanting to kiss him while he has amnesia but not doing it because it would be wrong to take advantage and Bat may take advantage of certain situations but not like this because he's a gentleman. (actually I want to rewrite practically every plot of the rifleman with Bat and Cheyenne... okay not really practically every one, because a lot of them are just terrible, but, like... snake in a bed roll, lost in the desert, temporarily blind, cougar attack, quicksand, and maybe the one where mark gets the typhoid and they have to send a mule up a mountain to get snow)
13 July 2017 @ 11:36 pm
Yesterday's Cheyenne was the one where he trips in a gopher hole for no reason. Amazing. And this morning he was, like, in love with a terrible army guy who hated him. (sometimes I think I don't like s5, but it's not true)

Ugh, I'm so pissed at Suits for comparing themselves to Butch and Sundance.

I'm thinking of writing some kind of listicle about things people should know before going to an art show. You know, like how we pay to be there, we're not 'out enjoy the day' we're working, how open and close times are there for a reason and saying things like 'oh, looks like everyone's closing up' is a shit thing to say, mind your child that art they're touching is expensive, mind yourself that art you're touching is expensive, a table in a booth is not a place to reorganize your bags, a booth is not a place to stand in the middle of to take a phonecall, the front of a booth is not the place to stop and have a conversation, etc?

Also, it's complete bs if you put as an artist amenity that you've got night security and then add in after people have already paid for a show that artists shouldn't leave work in their booths at night, like I'm not fucking tearing down my whole booth and packing it up every night, I'm not a jeweler, that's the point of security.

And omg at Breckin's continued adventures with SG. *dies*