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07 October 2015 @ 06:27 am
Hair designs so far.
Finally figured out a way (like piping icing on a cake) to do it easier, so I should be able to get more intricate designs.

Eventually I want to shear my whole head and do a full scalp design, like flowers or some shit. I think it's the new wave of hair design. (I'll probably do it in dec or jan, after our last show for a while)

I'm far too emotional right now to be watching Franklin and Bash. (and so way too emotional to be thinking about them being bffs as kids and then not meeting again until law school and Jared always being in love with Peter and Peter falling in love with Jared and it basically ruining his plans for his perfect life but it being okay because it's Jared...) And we're getting close to the final episode and I'm not dealing with it well at all.

I watched the latest ep of SVU and Raul Esparza wasn't even in it. I have nothing against Robert Sean Leonard, but still. I need Barisi every week, and that doesn't happen unless you have both Carisi and Barba. But this week I think they go to a jail together.

That monolith/dimensional portal business on AoS was so stressful.

Zak's mother runs an antique shop and made Zak antique with her when he was younger and I think that might explain some stuff.
04 October 2015 @ 04:33 am
asexual tumblr whiningCollapse )

Someone on tumblr wrote a whole thing about how Zak from Ghost Adventures has been acting really off since Nick left and then they tagged it that their post shouldn't be used for shipping purposes and I'm like omg, people and their pearl clutching over rps, even though it's entirely clear that Zak had some kind of thing* going on with Nick that got derailed when Nick went all family man (because, yo, you don't tweet that your friends baby creeps you out because it's like a doll and you're freaked out over dolls... that's, like, another level) and he tried to replace him with Billy and it hasn't worked out.

*(like I don't know if anything actually happened (because I think Zak's got issues with more than just ghosts iykwim) but there's a vibe, you know? and I think it got to the point that Nick wasn't willing to put up with whatever Zak was laying down.)

Beyond that I've been having hellacious sneezing fits, like I'd wake up and sneeze, or go outside and sneeze, or it'd look like it was going to rain and I'd sneeze, or I'd get out of the car and go into a store and sneeze, or the wind would start and I'd sneeze, or I'd lay down somewhere and sneeze, or I'd get stressed/anxious about something and I'd sneeze. Like 15 mins at a time and my nose would go and it was awful. Like I'm used to having weather body, but this was getting to where I'd start coughing too and couldn't breathe and my ears and stuff would itch and ergh. So I finally broke down and bought some allergy pills and I've only taken two so far but I've only sneezed like five times in the last day and a half and they weren't in a row. Yay.

I was watching s4ep6 of F&B and they got to the part where Stanton and Damien were talking about Damien's demands for coming back and Stanton said that he wanted to Damien to have the firm after he was gone and I had to legit stop the episode and cry for a min.
28 September 2015 @ 03:37 am
I was on a week long delivery trip.

I missed the finale of Zoo, but I'm assuming that no one got mauled or anything.

I missed the last three eps of Fear The Walking Dead, but caught up on them tonight thinking that they'd be more interesting when watched all at once. They were't.

I missed the last two eps of Z Nation and have not yet caught up on them, but I assume things actually happened.

Heroes is back, in Reborn form, and I may be interested in it, despite the lack of Sylar.

I saw the first episode of Minority Report and thought it was interesting, but the previews for the rest of the season sort of dampen my interest because of the other two precogs, so idk. (also wilmer valderama and weird boob window outfits)

I guess I missed the first ep of season 2 of Gotham, but I'm not sure if I care.

Ditto on Scream Queens. Do I even want to watch that?

Also Doctor Who is apparently back? I missed all the memos about it and I don't really care.

I missed the 2 hour season opener of L&O SVU, which meant I missed a bunch of prime barisi, so I'll have to watch that at some point.

Agents of Shield and Sleepy Hollow are both back this week and I feel obligated to watch even though I sort of faded out at the end of both of their seasons, but we'll see.

On this week's episode of Ghost Adventures Zak got scared by a cow. (he also left Jay alone in the dark for like 25 mins without going and getting him and people are acting like it's not something that he's pulled before on both Aaron and Nick, but, like, he totally has)

I feel like there's other stuff I should be watching but am not. Like a fifth season of Franklin and Bash. *sobs forever*
16 September 2015 @ 06:14 am
Why can't people just take corrections? Why do people not know about history? Why can't people google? Why have people never heard of things that have been around for 30 some years? Why have people never seen things that have been discussed multiple times by the community they're a supposedly part of? Why people?


Look at Peter and Jared pretending to be fathers. Peter's too over protective of the Pac-man.

I want to die. How can Peter sometimes be so good about imagining a future with Jared? (Jared legit already has his future planned out with Peter)
14 September 2015 @ 03:53 pm
Night At The Museum 3 was on hbo and I caught the last half and I can't believe they didn't include a touching goodbye scene between Octavius and Jedediah over them going into their separate display cases. I'm so sad.

Z Nation is back and things actually happen in a timely manner. So more interesting than Fear The Walking Dead.

You know what I've seen a derth of in fic lately? Figging. (the Sherlock Holmes fandom (not bbc) had a lot of figging.) Mind I haven't been specifically looking, I simply haven't casually come across it.

Poor Novak Djokovic. No one likes him or cares that he wins at tennis. The crowd was against him and even the announcers talked about how great Federer was after Djokovic won.

Apparently (I did not see it) there was wank on tumblr about how the X Files was originally a show meant for teenagers. (one would assume this was started by someone who is currently a teenager and not, you know, someone who was a teenager or, like, alive, when X Files was originally on)
10 September 2015 @ 02:19 am
Zoo - I missed like the first 10 mins, and some mins in between, but did only one person get mauled by an animal?
06 September 2015 @ 05:50 pm
Someone tell me what's happening in the first scene of S2 ep8 of Hawaii 5-O... because I wasn't watching really closely, but I think the little one is totally into mpreg and would probably love to have the taller one's babies.
03 September 2015 @ 05:48 am
Perhaps next week we will see an actual animal attack on Zoo. Perhaps. *narrows eyes suspiciously* (seriously, all that talk about how the animals aren't right and that zebra couldn't even hoof someone to death? ...are we going to learn that man is the real wild animal?)

I'm using a vpn and tried to log into my google account and now I'm blocked from my google account because someone has my password.
It's me, google. I have my password.

*leela voice* Oh lord, I just saw someone post on tumblr that saying that gay people on tumblr hate asexuals is the exact same amount of homophobia as when straight people say that they don't like gays for being gay... because of assumptions based on orientation or something...

TNT is showing early episodes of Grimm and I mourn for what the show turned into. They had the one with Hap on the other night. *cries*

People in the Hannibal fandom skirt so close to understanding that Will and Hannibal's love is divine eros, they practically describe it in every words but, but then it's right back into a sexualromantic framing and all boo platonomy.
30 August 2015 @ 06:23 am
Hannibal. I have so many feelings. Mostly about how Hannibal's love for Will is such divine eros and how it hurts me when people (even perhaps I suspect Bryan Fuller at times... well*) don't see it and just want to talk about how they can't get away with being too gay. I want to write reams about it. But I never will.

*(Bryan Fuller thinks Hannibal's omnisexual when he's clearly aromantic asexual (he's my other fav aroace head canon, which is terrible because cannibal, but also entirely true), though I suppose he could be aromantic omni, but anyway he also insists that Will is 100% heterosexual even though Will's only vaguely hetero at best and would probably legit go with anyone who'd not be terrible to him which got him into the whole Hannibal trouble in the first place... like Will's bi, but he never really fosters his feelings towards the same gender because he doesn't want another thing that sets him away from normal, what with his lack of eye contact and severe empathy and everything)

I sort of watched the Dark Matter finale which was supposed to be full of shocking revelations, but I kinda spaced out a bit at the end and I know what was up with Two, but did other stuff happen? idk.

I can't wait until Zak gets possessed and Billy has to talk him down.

I"ve been having such a hard time with people lately.Collapse )
28 August 2015 @ 04:13 am
Dr Alan Grant of the Jurassic Park movies (I... don't actually remember enough from the books to comment... I looked it up, she was engaged to another guy) is my fav aromantic asexual head canon. My mind boggles at people who think that he was in, like, romanticsexual love with Dr. Ellie Sattler. Like where did that even come from. There was no kissing, no declarations of love, they basically were off doing their own things for the whole movie... and he didn't want kids and didn't start wanting kids even though she pushed those kids on him (which was, like, the best part imo).

Despite that I still totally believe that Alan and Billy (JP3) were totes in a relationship, even though Alan's true love will always be dinosaurs. (Billy understands that)

I'm so dissapointed in the Ghost Adventures fandom on tumblr. No one talks about the important things like how gay Zak is or what his break up with Nick was like / how much he cares about Billy now / why Aaron was never an option. Those people simply do not appreciate rps. They're all like 'I can't believe they saw a ghost!' like way to miss the point of that whole show.

I'm so fucking behind in my F&B watching... I mean, I'm putting up posts, but I haven't had any real time to watch or, like, catalog all the stuff I need to and I thought maybe my F&B love was waning, but then I was watching part of 4x02 to gif it and they kissed and Jared said that it was hot and it's like, no, I'm still totally into it. (but, man, s4 seems so far away from s1... it's wild)

Breckin played basketball on a celeb team which also had Clark Gregg on it and I need CG to get Breckin a job at Marvel or something. Work those basketball connections, Breckin.