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30 November 2016 @ 11:36 pm
I've had the update tab ope for, like, five days and whenever I think of something I want to post about I make a note, but then every time I look at the notes I, just, can't deal with writing the assumedly poignant remarks I had to make about the thing. So I'll just recap I guess...

fog road - this was meant to be a thought provoking piece about how foggy roads, the kind where everything is matte grey and you can't see cars ahead of you and the side of the road slides off into indistinguishable shapes and then nothing, make me think about what death might be like. Also, long desert roads that stretch into forever between two mesas at sunset. But, eh.

batman superman - I watched part of this movie and it was, like, I mean, Bruce totally hates Clark and tries to kill him because of Lex, but then their mothers have the same name so it's all okay??? Idk, but I can't deal with HC being anyone except Napoleon Solo. It's not right.

christmas pics - I'm still on my idea for F&B future holiday cards, and tbh I really thought that there would have been better options in the 'ugly xmas sweaters for pregnant people' category, and I thought I'd have my pick of hilariously tragic couple-y xmas cards to ps Jared and Ellen into, but it is like a sappy desert out there. Ugh. So I found this pic which Jared would totally try to get Ellen to do, but she would not use that as a card because her professional life is in enough shambles already, but they have to do something because everywhere she goes people coo at her about her belly and she's finally like 'if I take a picture of it and give it to you will you leave me alone?' and then everyone's all 'omg, baby bump christmas cards!!!' so she, like, has to now, so maybe something like this ? where it's like "tasteful" or whatever? There's also one with two candy canes making a heart, but idk, that might be going too far, I mean, they wouldn't be seriously into this kind of stuff, but they have to do something otherwise people get weird about their accidental baby. But every example I find is super hard to ps. Double ugh. It's like I have to whole cloth make something. lol.

I also thought that Austin ould have some terrible xmas cards, but their all fairly normal and... I'm so disappoint.

F&B BWOC - I hard core fell into some Big Wolf On Campus stuff of tumblr and it's ripe for a F&B AU.

cheyenne theme - this is where I was going to talk about the use of Cheyenne's theme music during the show. Like in the second season ep with the chains and the mining I noticed it when Cheyenne kiss the lady, and sometimes it's in a minor key, and idk, I kind of want to go through the whole show and see where they do it and if it's whenever he does something Cheyenne-y, like kissing ladies when he doesn't want to or telling off some guy harassing the native americans.
26 November 2016 @ 10:54 pm
I guess I wasn't, like, hideously terribly shocked at the election because I know this country is pretty terrible, like it's entirely awful, but I can't in good faith be all pearl clutching and I never would have dreamed about it? But, like, I think the more unbelievable part for me is how so nonchalant the media is? Like I should not expect any better, but, I mean, they were talking about how much it's unduly costing tax payers to keep dt in NY and the news lady just, like, laughs and goes 'it sure does cost a lot to keep the president safe', and there's all these news articles about how fashionable the alt-right guys coming to dc are, like nbd, and even npr, which usually shoots a little straighter, was all "supposed" white supremacists about certain someones and it's like wtf.

In ep 3 of MacGyver, right at the beginning, does MG's daddy friend call him Maggie? I don't know if I misheard or not, but if I didn't that's adorable, and even if I did I think that's an adorable nickname that they should def work into the show. I know he calls him Mac all the time, but that's just slightly less adorable.

I love Doc. I don't know why he got two eps mainly to himself this season of Z Nation (cause I'd be sad if they're suddenly purposefully pushing the white guys front and center so I don't want to think that that's the reason), but I do love him and his hair and his appreciation of drugs. Also, super excited to see Debra Wilson! I think maybe she's going to back for another ep too.

Some radio stations have started to play christmas music and usually I'm all about how it's a little early to be doing it pre-december, but idk, this year I'm feeling, like, festive or whatever. Like even though there's no snow and there's still leave on the trees it just feels like the holidays or something?
21 November 2016 @ 02:23 am
There's so much tv that I don't watch.

I tried watching Lethal Weapon, but, like, I can't get into either of the guys? Like, there's just something off about both of their looks...?

Timeless is just boring, I mean, it's fine and everything, but I don't really like the girl and she and the white guy have a thing maybe and I can't.

Maybe I need to start watching McGyver, but I can never figure out when it's on. (I could if I looked, but I don't so...) There's like a total daddy thing going on with McG and the older helicopter pilot, right?

I only really half watch Lucifer because the plot disappoints me and then last week's ep had some out of nowhere rapid fire fat jokes that included the phrase 'at least I'm not a pansy in a corset', which all kiiinda seemed a bit much for the literal devil.

Still not watching TWD but I have seen a bunch of gifs and I assume that Neegan and Rick are going to make out soon.

Am still watching Z Nation, but there's been a weird lack of Warren lately? Being split up is helping no one. And Lucy is totally going to be a teen by the time she gets to Murphy. 10k's existence is entirely tragic. Addy and Doc are amazing.
13 November 2016 @ 01:38 pm
I still can not understand how indiana went so very red. Almost everyoe around here wanted Pence gone, but then voted for him for vp anyway? Ugh.

Besides that. F&B was never a very au type fandom (I mean, some fandoms are so heavily au it's hard to find canon compliance) and we never thought about some of the classics (any of the classics? I guess we thought about hookerfic, and werewolf au was practically just canon what with Jared clearly being a werewolf and the whole 1-800-werelawyers thing, and there was the thoughts of a detective noir spin off with Hanna and the gang, a brief jaunt into western au territory...?) like a sentinal au. Now I'm not huge on the sentinal au stuff, beyond, like, liking The Sentinal, but I was reading one (not on the basis of being a sentinal au, it was a rarepair and I think it's gonna get gay, which is even rarer) and it got me thinking about whether F&B could even support a sentinal au. (I mean, it's not really set up for bdsm or aob verses, cause of power dynamics and the sentinal verse does kind of rely on that...)

But could it? Would Peter and Jared be a soul bonded Sentinal and Guide? (but which one which?) Would they be both sentinals? Using their senses to be extra lawyer-y? And not even need guides because, they, like, guide each other because they're so unconventional? Would lawyers be sentinals? Like, all lawyers? Or is it a mix? Like just an extra bonus for the job and not a requirement? Oh! Did Peter want Janie because she was a guide and that's why Jared's jealous because he thinks she can give Peter the "real experience" that he can't? Does Pindar hate all of his senses? Is Carmen a reluctant guide? Is Damien terrible at sentinal-ing? Is Hanna an amazing sentinal and Damien broke up with her because he thought sentinal sentinal bonds didn't work but then in comes Jared and Peter and now he's bitchy about everything?

Some thoughts to think about.

eta: We could also seriously think about F&B mirror!verse?

Also, I have cut off all my hair. To be fair there wasn't much to begin with, but I did have a bowl cut that was over 4" long at the top and it had to go. Now the longest is a respectable inch.
12 November 2016 @ 03:50 am
Plus side, this election has given people a good idea of who to stay away from now.

Anyway, I watched, like, half a min of Pitch so that I could show my father chunky!MPG and if I was more willing to dick around in photoshop I would totally ps Jared's name into Pitch!MPG's phone in that last scene (where, I'll guess, he's thinking of calling, hmmm, an estranged wife that didn't appreciate him being out on the road all the time?) because chubby!bearded!austin!Peter who lives alone and sad in a fancy house and constantly thinks about calling Jared but doesn't is something we all need, I think.

Also, I'm side-eyeing those naked MPG photos cause I refuse to believe there's not some photoshopping going on there, like I can't that he went full muscle and the beard's just giving him face chub or something.

I don't understand Stand By Me. I mean, like, I understand it, I'm not confused by the plot or anything, but it's like such a nothing movie? Like what was even the point? So... maybe I didn't understand the plot? I know it's coming of age and learning about stuff and whatever, but maybe I just can't relate to any of it...? I don't really get any of the coming of age movies. Are they purely nostalgia through the eyes of adults who wished to have the moments and reason finding found in these stories in their own young years? Are any of them truly reminiscent of that time in our lives? I never had experiences like that when I was that age. Jesus, does anyone? */richard dreyfuss narrator voice over* (not like finding a dead body or anything, that doesn't seem like something most people might do, but just like the general tone, you know? like the closest coming of age thing that was ever relatable was ghost world and that was only because I both generally dislike people and realize that steve buscemi exists.) (...to be entirely fair the most most relatable young person type thing for me was that ep of 30 rock when liz goes to her hs reunion and finds out that she was actually the person everyone hated because she was really awful to everyone and she just thought she was being quietly snarky, so I kind of feel like this inability to relate might be a me thing?)

People have watched Dr Strange so now I have to see bandicoot cumberbun's face everywhere like he's real great or something. Ugh.

idk what's going on with twd but I saw some gifs of Neegan saying that Daryl was now his and I'm not watching so I can't be be terribly disappointed if that situation doesn't end in Neegan bathing Daryl and giving him a haircut and then trying to break him like a wild horse.

I thought the temporal cold war and the xindi stuff lasted so much longer on ST:ENT, but I guess it was really only the third season? I mean, it ultimately killed the show, but the fourth season is so much more enjoyable (I thought this when it aired too, but it also seemed like all xindi all the time).

I watched a questionable version of Gypsy on pbs starring the woman who played Umbridge in HP, but I think it was only questionable to me because she won an award for it.

I love that Breckin Meyer's got some salt and pepper scruff happening.
08 November 2016 @ 08:42 pm
Live updates

7:40 - wtf

9:40 - wtf???

11:00 - un-fucking-believable

2:00 - I think they've called it. There's still some states that aren't fully in, but... yeah, just saw, Clinton called to concede. Unbelievable. Even my usually blue section of this red state went red. What the hell is wrong with people.

Anyway, he's not my president. I'm tempted to say that this isn't even my country.

I had a dream about him winning a couple of weeks ago, that there were six major states going red early on, and I didn't want to say anything lest I jinxed it, but, well, I guess that was a vague prophecy that one could do nothing about.
08 November 2016 @ 06:40 am
Still down south. And, no offense to any southerners, but it is wild down here. Trump signs everywhere. Tons of radio ads about how you have to protect unborn babies c cause Hillary is going to kill them all and take away your guns and has no "conservative values". And I know that's elsewhere too, but it's always weird to watch poor people en masse vote against their own best interest because they're, like, too racist and judgey towards other people to let those people maybe have anything that might help them. I know rich people are like that, but, well. And if it's not just blaster disregard for your fellow persons then it's like just not understanding how government works, I guess? I listened to an interview with one guy who thought Trump is going to build bowling alleys and movie theaters so the youths have somewhere to go after school... like, in what universe. (nevermind that nearly any president won't do that or has the power to be so about individual cities) But it's stuff like that, there's just no reality there.
Anyway I'm driving during voting and maybe won't be home to sit and watch whatever terrible results come in. Only hear about it on the radio. lol.
05 November 2016 @ 12:18 am
Voted early. The voter ladies ignored me for a bit before taking my info. One thought I was only there for my father and the other thought I was too young to be able to vote yet. And I laughed and was all 'well, I'm 31 so I've been able to vote for awhile.' And they were both like omg about me being that age. *shrug forever*

I had to vote early because we're at a show in FL and we weren't sure if we'd be back by closing on Tues.

Z Nature was so on point.
03 November 2016 @ 01:37 am
I take back what I said about the Cubs. They are losers no longer!

Had the lead, lost the lead, tied game, 10 innings, rain delay... and then finally, finally, 108 years later, they won the world series.

I, like, entirely almost died. And I'm not even a baseball fan.
31 October 2016 @ 11:55 pm
Here's the pumpkins I carved for this Halloween. Instead of candles I put a string of orange lights in them.

And I didn't even bother turning on the porch lights this year for trick or treating, no one comes up our street anymore, everyone goes to the fancy avenue houses.

A guy who was wallpapering the walls in our house in 1945 wrote about how the Cubs had lost that day. They were losers then and they're still losers now. I don't understand how a team so good during the season can suck so badly now, despite their win last night.
(the guy wrote on the wall because the guy who was wallpapering the walls in our house in 1927 did the same thing, but nothing about sports just signed his name and said that he was the wallpaperer)

When Murphy finds Lucy will she actually be a sullen teenager and hate the lavender walls?

I think I'm entirely done with TWD.

I'd be the worst investigator on GA. If Zak was choking himself I'd just leave him to it.

I'm sad that F&B never did a musical episode. I'm also thinking of making new x-mas cards about where F&B would be now... which is probably like Peter and his terrible beard in a cowboy hat still in Austin and maybe Jared has a baby with Ellen or whatever, who knows.

Breckin Meyer is too adorable and I can't deal. Larger men need to hold him at all times. I wonder if designing the shirt with Mark-Paul involved long late night sessions, with Mark-Paul being tired from shooting on his show and having to lean against Breckin as they worked...