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28 June 2015 @ 05:08 am
They actually had Reed do something besides eat on Wayward Pines. But it was still terribly boring. It almost seemed interesting when I thought it was going to go a bit gay with the delivery man picking up a "package" in Reed's character's closed door workshop, and when I thought that maybe the reason Reed's character didn't seem terribly interested in his "wife" was cause he wasn't into girls, but nothing went a bit gay at all. It just ending up with some bomb plot that Reed's character didn't look really all that into.

But he was wearing flannel again. So that's something.

I really should just stop watching the show because I don't care about it... like the plot that it has can't really be the plot that it's going for... it doesn't feel like that's the plot it's going for...? Because why wouldn't you abduct people who'd be a bit more 'post apocalyptic future? fuck yeah!' about everything unless you just want everything to be ruined.

I posted this on tumblr, but no one talked to me about it. So now all y'all who follow me here too have to read it again.

Not even gonna lie. My hands down fav part of F&B 302 is when they’re all in the conference room and Peter claims that he hurt himself surfing and Damien’s like ‘the waves were only a foot’ and Peter’s asks him if he can even swim and Damien looks so fucking thrown by that, like he can’t even begin to process a response… someone talk to me about Damien not being able to swim.

(bonus tragic-ness to think about… Damien seems upset that Stanton basically gave Peter and Jared the beach house (but which Damien obvs probs wouldn’t even need to be at if he couldn’t swim right?), tragic. and then at the end of the season when he has his mental break and goes skinny dipping in the ocean… but he can’t swim maybe… so someone probably had to go save him… and give him mouth to mouth perhaps. super tragic. or something about this being why he watches men’s diving (besides the obvious and maybe because he has body issues about not being skinny enough to not splash or whatever). like he wanted to be a diver, but couldn’t do it. ugh, Damien.)
25 June 2015 @ 04:20 am
Someone on tumblr was talking about the phrase 'jack of all trades, master of none' and how the rest of it is 'but better than master of one' and it got me thinking about how it's rough knowing how to do lots of stuff, because, like, you can walk around at an art show and know how everyone's doing their shit, and sometimes people are handing out ribbons to something that's, like, 75% pre bought and assembled or not their own idea, but because the judges were, like, a painter and a college photography teacher they had no idea that, like, the person just bought all the beads for their jewelry or the woodworker got all their patterns out of books and they'll, like, completely ignore the potter that's dug their own clay and did a really impressive time consuming process because they have no idea what it is. And I didn't want to post the thought on tumblr on the off chance someone wants to fight with me about it because the tagging and search system is whack. But it's like this one time in the late 70's / early 80's my father was at an ACC show (fancy art show) and Thomas Mann (a jeweler) was showing there too, and my father was like 'wow' cause Thomas Mann's kinda famous and so my father's like 'I get findings at the same place you do.' and Thomas Mann was not impressed because I guess not a lot of people knew he just glued on findings and didn't, like, make all the little pieces... suffice it to say my father was not invited onto Thomas Mann's boat with the other artists doing the show.

I found a post about the Michigan Dogman with a terrible grainy picture that might have been of a bear, but then I heard snuffling or something outside my window and was like, omg, I’m super close to Michigan??? and then I went to go grab one of the cats to sit with me, but they wouldn’t, and my father’s like ‘the hell’s going on?’ (because it’s like 4 am) and I’m like ‘the michigan dogman might be outside the window’ and he’s like ‘how do you even hear about these things?’ and I’m, like, trying to explain web surfing and stumbling across posts on tumblr and he doesn’t understand at all and I’m like ‘you don’t understand. the michigan dogman knows I’ve been reading about him and has come down to indiana.’ and my father’s like ‘there’s something wrong with you.’… but, like, it could totes happen.

Everyone bitches about Jurassic Parks two and three, but, idk, I like them.
21 June 2015 @ 04:14 am
I've got all this info for, well, everyone, but this is just Jared and Peter (and only up to the start of s3), but I'm not sure how much stuff should be time line thing and what should be character stuff and what's just random info that maybe doesn't need to be cataloged past episode stuff. Like should things be broken up more or what.

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19 June 2015 @ 03:32 am
Ghost Whisperer sometimes has marathons on tv and I finally caught the Reed Diamond episode (I somehow manage to miss it every time it's on). He's all dirty and bloody and a bit scruffy and dying from dengue fever... all of which is sort of perfect for any show he's on but no one else bothers to rough him up. I mean, I'm sure there was a perfectly plausible reason for Damien to be dying from dengue fever on F&B... probs because of Stanton and his jungle adventures...

I was going to leave it there and be all 'lol, totally a plausible plot scenario' but then I actually started thinking about it like where maybe Stanton's last wish was to have his ashes scattered in a tropical clime so Damien goes through all this fucking trouble to do it and all he gets for his efforts is dengue fever and having to run a failing law firm.

That would have been a great start to season five. Though knowing F&B none of it would be used as any kind of character development or insight (like Damien having revealing fever dreams about him and Stanton, or Damien realizing that even though Jared's a complete mess (now that Peter's in Austin) who doesn't seem to even want to be at work he still comes through and handles everything while Damien's sick because he still cares what happens to the firm and to the people working there)... it would literally be only mentioned once, mid season, jokingly, in order to embarrass Damien in front of someone.
13 June 2015 @ 01:31 pm
Once I just want a character to be somewhat savvy about sci-fi stuff when in a sci-fi sitch. Like on Wayward Pines spoilersCollapse ) Also there was no Reed Diamond this week.

Like I guess a lot of stuff happens on WP, but I'm super bored. But then not a lot of stuff happens on Hannibal and it's like I could watch Will walk around the catacombs saying Hannibal for three hours and it'd be great. Idk.

I'm glad that people on tumblr are for Bernie Sanders, but there also seems to be, like, this total blind spot about how even though Bernie is running as a democrat (so there's no "third party" difficulties if he gets the nom) he's still, like, basically a (real, actual) socialist and getting enough votes within the democratic party to get him nommed is much different than getting enough votes in a general election to get him elected, esp when you're up against republicans that have ruined much of Obama's stuff because they convinced people that he's a super socialist president (even though he's no where near being a socialist). Socialism is a bit of a dog whistle word. And I don't know if I see middle of the road voters swinging that far left when they have the option of a (possibly) more "moderate" republican. *shrug*
11 June 2015 @ 04:38 am
Meggett & Towne must be the most amazing law firm in F&B!verse LA. It's the firm that Peter doesn't get hired at because he has sex with the sr partners daughter on his desk, it's the firm that stripper summer associate Alyssa goes to work for to practice family law (at reduced pay), and it's the firm that Hanna goes to be a sr partner at... and apparently they have corporate jets that partners can take anywhere they want. Franklin & Franklin with super famous trial lawyer Leonard Franklin doesn't even have corporate jets. (and who's the other Franklin... Jared's once mentioned sister? Leonard's father? (who's probably dead maybe?) I mean, no one seems too upset that Jared's not the other Franklin...) Anyway, it's like no wonder Peter wanted to go work there. But, also, like how did Peter even manage any consideration for working at a firm like that? Did Jared have strings that he could pull? That he never told Peter about?

Why only use one other law firm? Ugh, the mysteries of life.

So that last episode of Undateable was the season finale? And now it's been renewed for a season three but all the episodes are going to be live? I'm so out of the loop.
08 June 2015 @ 02:48 am
What was with the In Memoriam for the Tony awards? Like first Josh Groben couldn't hit his low notes and then some awful camera angles so that some names couldn't be read and they blew through all the names so freaking fast so that other people could sing on stage? Like if I was dead I'd be super pissed.

(also, a guy won for playing an autistic kid and within the first two sentences of his acceptance speech he'd casually used both crazy and insane)

Did an art show this weekend. There's this one guy there who helps his grandma at this show and then he represents us at another "dealers only" show, and he's known us for, like, 10 years and he said something to my father about me being a kid and my father told him I was 30 and he stopped and really thought about it and then was like, quietly, 'I guess that would make more sense than late teens/early twenties' (because I was clearly not 10 or 12 when we first met), but I totally feel like a vampire. One day I'll be 400 and still need to be carded. And then my dad asked how old he was and he's 27 and that's awful because he's got a wife and three kids and talks about retiring from his job as a jr high p.e. teacher/coach in 10 or so years and it's like no wonder he thinks I'm 18, he looks and acts like he's pushing 40 and I'm a full time artist with lime green hair.

I want to see Jurassic World in the theater, but I don't want to if Bd Wong dies, but I also don't want any spoilers about it, but I'm also not all that stoked over Chris Pratt since now he's all 'boo, I hated being fat, but Anna Farris made me eat.' and it kind of just seems like he's getting all these choice movie roles after getting trim and is really into that, but whatever.
05 June 2015 @ 02:05 am
Wayward Pines only had a few seconds of Reed, but it was, again, him enjoying food. So, I guess I'm good. The person who hired him probably watched him enjoy cheese on F&B and decided that he was perfect for this part.

Other than that I guess WP is going to get to the point soon instead of drawing out the mystery, which is good. I still don't really care, but I hope it leads to Reed getting roughed up while out in the woods. (he's already kinda scruffy and apparently makes wooden toys and music boxes, so they should have him doing woodsy things with his hands... while wearing plaid... and maybe a knit hat. it looks kind of chilly out. maybe put him in a chunky cable knit sweater)

I was kind of worried that Hannibal would be totally different, but it wasn't. It was cannibal-tastic.
04 June 2015 @ 01:19 pm
Serious side eye to people who are like 'marriage is so important. it's not an archaic and out dated system.' and then list all the legal benefits (like being able to visit people in the hospital and getting to decide what to do with a body after death and being able to jointly own property and tax stuff and military benefits) without the slightest bit of irony over the idea that (pretty basic) "perks" like these are only being given to two person romantic-sexual couplings. (esp gay people who do this, because it usually comes coupled with an 'I got/am getting mine, screw you.' attitude over things like expanding marriage to poly couples or working towards dismantling the system entirely, often because they actually want the religious/ceremonial distinction around marriage and can't or won't divorce the two concepts or because either of those things will, consequently, help straight people)

Like 'but *"perk"* doesn't extend to single people.' and it's like 'yes, that's the problem'. and there's nothing there it's like 'so? get? married?'

Wayward Pines is on tonight. And also Hannibal is starting. So that's something.
02 June 2015 @ 03:57 pm
I want a wacky road trip movie that's full of misadventure set in a post apocalyptic world. Like Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, but with more wastelands.

Someone should scruff up Breckin and make him film something like that.

What is with people using the wrong words and then acting like I'm the problem when I'm confused. Like I just got done with my insurance company where I couldn't log into their site with my member id # (I could however log into the payment portion of their site with that number, which is called the Member ID) and the guy's like 'well, I just put it in and it came up fine' and I'm like 'okay cool, you must have fixed it' (cause there's a bunch of other stuff wrong with the filing on the account, so this was just like one more thing) and I try to log in and nothing and he's like 'are you putting in your member id #?' and I'm like 'yeah. it's not working.' and he reads the number and I'm like 'that's not my member id #' and he's like 'yeah it is.' and I'm like 'no?' and he's like 'yeah. it's on your card.' and I go and find my card and look and come back and I'm like ' you mean my Consumer #?' and he's like 'yeah, that's it. your member #.' and I'm just... for fuck's sake. Zero instruction about where to find this "member" # on their site and then they act like you totally should have known that they weren't using the number that's called "member", but the one called "consumer"? Not an isolated incident either.

I didn't watch the latest episode Wayward Pines, but I hope Reed had more screen time.