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25 August 2016 @ 05:58 am
Omg. Breckin Meyer on a wakeboard. I'm dying. (I'm not really sure why I'm so impressed, like did I not think he was into other water activities ...I was going to say watersports, but then I was like 'inapprops')

Also, Breckin Meyer needs to do one of those movies where he's like a single father and has to move his two daughters into some podunk farm town cause that's the only place to get a job and it turns out that the house is possessed or haunted or whatever, you know? And he could be cute with the younger kid and sort of weary with the teen where he's like 'Just try to make it work okay?' (and she does, she's extremely well adjusted and makes friends) and when she does't want to do something he'd sigh and be all 'I haven't been able to tell you what to do since you got taller than me' and she'd roll her eyes and go 'I've been taller than you since I was 12, dad' and it'd be adorable how they didn't really understand each other any more instead of terrible.

And then, like, he'd obviously meet some tall, good looking, small town doctor played by Mark-Paul. Like, the younger kid gets hurt and he takes her to the town doctor, who he entirely expects to be some old dude because aren't they always in small towns, but then, whoops, the doctor's like cute and everything and Breckin's like 'oh shit' and then Dr Mark-Paul is also redic good with kids and make the younger daughter laugh and Breckin's like 'oh shit' and then while they're in Dr Mark-Paul's office Breckin notices that he doesn't have any family picture or a wedding ring or anything like that and Breckin's like 'oh shit'.

And and and then Mark-Paul shows up at their house with a casserole or whatever and is all 'So you're obviously new to town and I thought maybe your neighbors had already welcomed you but then I saw that you lived literally out in the middle of corn and nowhere and I was like gee they haven't been welcomed to town at all so I made this food because you probably haven't had time to cook because of unpacking...' and Breckin's all star eyes because oh shit he can cook too and he's like 'oh yeah, no, come on in. you're entirely correct. we've been living out of the microwave.' and then they laugh and Mark-Paul's all 'don't get too excited because maybe my cooking isn't that great...?' but Breckin already has a mouthful of food and is like 'omg, this is amazing. ...did your wife or gf teach you...???' and Mark-Paul laughs and is all 'oh no, my grandmother taught me.' and Breckin's like 'oh shit this guy's perfect and amazing.'

I realize that there aren't any ghosts or demons yet and that was, like, the whole premise, but they'd sort of be there in the background... like maybe that's why the kid got hurt and shit probably floats around behind everyone, idk.

But anyway, like Mark-Paul would keep showing up, maybe because he offered to cook dinner or teach Breckin how to cook or maybe Breckin casually mentioned that he's painting some room and Mark-Paul's like 'want me to help?' and anyway it's super cute and the younger daughter adores Mark-Paul and the teen daughter is like good natured-ly 'ugh old people flirting, you guys have fun, I'm going to hang out with some friends.'

So then probably the ghost or demon or whatever starts being a real problem because of all the disturbances going on in the house and, I mean, Breckin doesn't want to tell Mark-Paul that he thinks his house is haunted or possessed or that there's a portal to another dimension in the hall closet because that's not really the kind of thing you bring up to the tall, cute, perfect in every way doctor who may or may not be dating you (there's nothing official yet and it's really only been things that one could totally do with a friend if you're like a really helpful person which Mark-Paul totally is). But it's like really wearing on him. And he's trying to deal with it himself. And trying to not let on to the kids that maybe there's a real problem here, because they're adjusting pretty well and he doesn't want to disrupt that. So he sends the kids off to have a weekend at their grandparents house so that he can deal with the whole ghost demon thing by himself, but Mark-Paul is like 'you wanna do a thing?' (and it was totally going to be a real date date thing) and he has to brush Mark-Paul off because shit's really fucked up at the house and maybe he lies about thinking that he's coming down with something and Mark-Paul totally believes him because he does look pretty wrecked because that's what happen with you live in a haunted possessed house. But that's also like the worst lie to tell because Mark-Paul's a doctor so later he's like 'I should probably go and check on him because that'd be the professional thing to do' and also it's raining and dramatic and Mark-Paul drives up the long, dirt, corned edged road to find Breckin standing there, in the rain, barefoot and half naked and he's like 'wtf'. And Breckin's had, like, the worst time trying to get rid of this demon ghost but now Mark-Paul is there and being sweet and worried and Breckin's like 'I'm sorry this is so fucked up.' and Mark-Paul's like 'no, no, this is a totally exciting and unique first date. I was just going to ask you to watch a movie.' and Breckin's like 'date?' and Mark-Paul's like 'oh, yeah, well, if you, you know...' and Breckin's like 'oh, yeah, totally, totally a date.' and then they, like, kiss and banish the ghost demon back to it's hall closet dimension and then the kids come back and find them curled up on the couch and everything's fine except sometimes towels go missing.

I'm watching an ep of Cheyenne where Cheyenne unknowingly smuggles printing equipment to Mexico to help the mexicans defeat the french and gets beat by a french soldier and saved by a mexican who used to cause trouble in the us but who Cheyenne also used to let get away with stuff and I think they were probably boyfriends because Cheyenne loves his troublemakers. They found a serape big enough to fit Cheyenne. I'm dying, it was probably brightly colored, so amazing.
22 August 2016 @ 03:15 am
I watched an ep of Cheyenne where he wore a heavy winter jacket, in the snow, and also wore snowshoes. It was amazing. (it was also clearly mostly shot on some back lot in cali and everyone wearing jackets looked kinda sweaty because it was probably, like, 80 out ...just like on hogan's heroes) Also Cheyenne was nearly caught in an avalanche, but he shot his gun at the snow which I guess deflected it so that it would fall on the bad guy instead. The whole thing really could have been turned into a perfectly serviceable episode about Cheyenne being caught in snow and having to suffer in a cave or whatever, but instead it was about murder. And in the end Cheyenne left an orphaned child with some, idk, swedish (?) people and rode off, cause I guess what happened to the kid was none of his business. Like usual.

I forgot how much Trip and Archer loved each other on ENT. I watched the ep where a psychic alien links their minds and Trip freaks out because Archer would know how much he loved him and the one after that where Trip and Archer are stranded on a desert planet and Archer basically keeps Trip alive with the power of his love and the episode after that one where Trip and Malcolm decide that they have to tell everyone how entirely straight they are and how much they can only fuck women aliens who have the right kinds of woman alien bits because other wise everything would be terrible and Archer also gets an alien gf (and Hoshi also gets an alien bf). I had also sort of forgot how completely deny-y ENT was about anyone being not straight.

We've also gotten into Tom loves Kes territory on VOY (which even Harry thinks is bs) and it's like everyone leave Kes alone, she's two.
13 August 2016 @ 04:09 am
I haven't been watching anything. I've been playing Pokemon Go. Awful. I don't know what's going on anywhere.
I mean, I know what's going on with Cheyenne because I've seen the episodes, but I still haven't been watching it so I can't say anything detailed about it. (wait, I watched one ep where Cheyenne rode a horse until it died. also he was tied up by some comanche with a stick across his arms in the back and he couldn't get loose and it was amazing.)
I've watched a few mins of the last couple of Dark Matter episodes. I don't know what's going on. I think they're in space again though. And maybe someone's dead?
I've entirely missed everything on BrainDead, is it even sill on?
I have been watching the olympics. Because it's on always. I now want to scull, but in a slightly larger boat because I don't like falling out of boats and the single sculls seem very narrow and tippy.
I also am vaguely watching some Star Treks and have re fallen in love with Harry Kim and Tom Paris and how much Harry loves Tom and how much of an ass Tom is and how bad the acting is for most of VOY.

I want to write things. But I don't do it. I feel like writing F&B things and Cheyenne things and other things, but it doesn't happen. There's a big bang that I could write for, but that would mean having someone art for the fic and it is not a slash fandom and I can't do that to someone.

I hate when you find fannish spaces for weird, specific kinks but no one there is into the fandoms you like and you can't bring up any fandoms you like because all your fandoms consist of you and two other people and a shoestring and you don't want to out yourself with this weird kink on something that no one else even knows about and that you're basically the only fan of. It's terribly inconvenient.

I've read a recipe for Toad In The Hole and it sounds amazing.

Did every sentence start with I? ugh.
31 July 2016 @ 02:54 am
So I finally say Ghostbusters and I totally loved it. We had the theater basically to ourselves (like only 7 other people were there), but no one else laughed at anything, and I was dying, like tears at certain points, and everyone else was entirely quiet.

It had some issues, like a weird lull between them in the theater and them going to the hotel, like something was cut out, and I wish there was more of an explanation about whether they were ultimately catching ghosts or re-killing ghosts or just knocking ghosts down...? I needed more serious ghost science lol.

I saw a lot about Erin (Wiig) being sort of blah, but I thought she had a really nice arc (esp since she was essentially the straight man of the group) and I also want to draw hearts around her and Abby and their love.

Melissa McCarthy is real cute with glasses and her hair pulled back like that.

Holtzmann is everything. But everyone is shipping her with Erin and I'm like, okay a) it's obvs an ot4 sitch and b) if not then everyone should be shipping her with Patty.

Did Dan Aykroyd give up all his screen time to Bill Murray?

Also saw a preview for the new Bridget Jones movie and I assume the ending is that Mark Darcy and McDreamy decide to form a poly couple with Bridget, right? Also also, Colin Firth always looks so dour as Mark.
19 July 2016 @ 01:39 pm
So I had this really weird dream (cause I don't usually dream about real people being the real people? or me sort of being me and not third person viewer?) and it was, like, Jason Segel was working at a movie studio (as Jason Segel, the actor) and the studio was running this sort of contest thing to find the next 'based on a real story' movie idea and Jason was bolstering this dude bro tech startup that started with only $10,000 and built, like, a mini empire and Jason thought that that would be a great movie idea, but along the way he meets this girl who run a struggling, small town mac and cheese factory and the mac and cheese recipe was her mother's, but her mother had died and after that he father couldn't deal with making the mac and cheese anymore and left the girl to run everything herself and there were land developers trying to get her property to build condos on (so the whole small town was in danger) and a big time rival mac and cheese company was trying to steal her mother's secret recipe (like infiltrating her factory and everything) and she's struggling financially and so, of course, Jason kind of falls in love with her because she's a bit wild and determined but he doesn't really put it together that her story is the one that would make a really good movie (because he's a dude bro and an ass), but eventually, when she's at the point of ruin (like thinking of selling and her recipe may have been stolen by the other company, which is okay because Jason Segel suggests that she sue them for copyright infringement because "everyone wins stupid lawsuits these days!"... he's only on his way to being not an ass, not really there yet) that he decides to suggest her to the movie studio ("Zooey Deschanel could totally play you!")...
which, okay, that's not that weird of a dream right? The weird part was that I was, like, Jason's personal assistant, and had to deal with all his shit, but my whole thing was that I'd always be watching these terrible movies, and finally (when Jason wants my help to make his grand proposal and I'm like 'I can't believe you made me miss the one scene I was watching this for!') it turns out that I'm watching strictly for Breckin Meyer, who also works at this studio, but he's, like, the studio butt monkey, and they don't even really give him movies to do, but, like, commercials within movies where he gets beat up for being Breckin Meyer (like, being Breckin Meyer is the joke... it was awful) and I went on this whole thing about how Breckin Meyer was more actor that Jason could ever hope to be and how great he is and how I'm just trying to support his career the best I can and Jason Segel looked entirely surprised that anyone could be that passionate about Breckin Meyer.

I woke up before I found out what happened but I assume that the girl's factory and town were saved because either she won the contest or Jason Segel put up the money to make her movie himself and, since Jason was on his upswing to being a decent person, I also assume that he was nice to Breckin Meyer in some way at the end.

One side plot that was going on was that the studio was making 'Hanna Montana: The College Years' and one of the selling points was 'without Billy Ray lurking around!', which I think was maybe meant to explain what kind of studio it was or something.
18 July 2016 @ 01:32 am
I was watching the s2 ep1 of Cheyenne where Cheyenne meets a girl who needs help but is actually scamming people, and Cheyenne asks her name and it's Samantha, and then he asks if she has a middle name and it's Teresa (? close enough)... but apparently those are both too long of names for Cheyenne so he says he's just gonna call her Sam. Amazing. What is Cheyenne even?
I think he was also wearing leather pants in that ep. At least leather chaps. Good stuff. And then in the episode after that Cheyenne takes a three person tandem bath and then a guy dies by paddle boat paddle.

Okay, so I haven't gotten to see the new Ghostbusters yet (I'm totally dying about it, can't see it until this order is done and we're not delivering it until thursday, ugh), but I did watch the orig cause it was on tv and, like, I mean, Ray's totally gay for Venkman right? And Venkman likes girls, but also isn't above letting Ray blow him sometimes right? That's the vibe I got.

Have also been watching the bicycles that tour France and I don't understand anything about it... why France is apparently so large to tour (it's been, like, two weeks?), how far anyone goes because it's in kilometers, why they trade yellow shirts, how the teams work, why it isn't just a free for all about who bikes the fastest... but I do like that there was one guy who ran into a motorcycle and then ran up the hill without his bicycle and caused trouble which was apparently forgivable in that circumstance and hat the announcers are, like, british, so they're always saying that someone is in a 'spot of bother' and that's really lovely.
12 July 2016 @ 09:43 pm
I had a dream last night that Cheyenne was totally into kissing guys. In a canoe. While going down a river. It would have been a good episode. I'm entirely sure there was some sort of plot going on too, but that was the important part.

Did an absolutely terrible art show this weekend. Possibly the worst one ever (of the ones we've actually set up at, rather than just looking around and leaving). It was billed as a juried fine art show with 30,000 visitors located in the heart of the Cultural District and next to the Museum of Art, Center for Arts, and the Performing Arts Center. There was no check in/info/booth sign/name tags/etc, almost no volunteers, gale force winds due to being in a wind tunnel that we weren't told about, a carnival set up a block over, and I'm pretty sure that no one walking through knew that it was an art show because they seemed entirely confused that there were people set up and that things were for sale and more than one person called it a flea market. Utter disaster.
Did see lots of dogs, lots of tattoos, and some cosplayers as there was also an anime convention going on.
And I got sunburned. My nose is still red and peel-y.

I missed the last two eps of Hudini and Doyle, so I'll have to find those somewhere.

Still watching BrainDead... I don't understand the aliens goals.

Have to catch up on the second ep of Dark Matter, but I assume they're still in jail.

Totally thinking about going to see Ghost Busters, even though I am not a slimer fan at all.
03 July 2016 @ 07:11 pm
Petition to put Breckin Meyer and Nathan Fillion in a movie together? (? because of questionable NF feels but I mean like NF could entirely cover Breckin, like have you seen his latest tweet, so... there's that angle)

Dark Matter is back. And now mostly everyone is in jail? Which seems great for a space show... I guess it still counts because the jail is on a space rock or something... right?

I watched the second and third (which I had seen before) ep of Cheyenne.

The first one was about him and Smitty having to get some cattle back for a wagon train and Smitty had to pretend to be a gun salesman and Cheyenne had to pretend to be a cattle buyer. I like how friendly Cheyenne is about Smitty and how Smitty does not seem to care much about Cheyenne's love. I esp liked at the end when a married lady wanted to kiss Cheyenne and asked if that was okay and Cheyenne got a panicked look and glanced over at Smitty, but Smitty didn't care. Cheyenne truly is alone even when he thinks he has a bf.
I also liked that Cheyenne tried to comfort a kid who'd lost his brother by telling him about how he believes in what the cheyenne taught him, that no one ever really dies, they just continue on a different river path. And then he told the kid that it was okay to cry and that even brave indians cry and that that was fine. As the kids say on the tumblr... Cheyenne's not here for your toxic masculinity. (although, geeze, what that must have looked like for that lady... two guys in a room with a crying kid who isn't related to either one of them, like damn)

In the other ep Cheyenne meets two gold miners and helps them mine and everything turns out terribly. But. Cheyenne also said that he only lived with the cheyenne for 8 years (which would make it the place he's stayed the longest according to the finale, and maybe he was taken in as a baby of two years old?) (...I mean, Cheyenne has a wavering backstory about how old and when and for how long he was with the cheyenne, so, it's worth a hill of beans, but still, there's the 8 years). Also, Cheyenne was tempted to stay by the offer of food in this ep. And he waxed poetic about how (because he's fiddle footed, aww) he roams and can't find any kind of home. He also took his shirt off twice and I'm partial to the scene where they're trying to sleep and everyone keeps getting up and Cheyenne is 'ugh' about it. Like first there was the mountain lion and now no one will go the fuck to sleep.

Also, I like when Cheyenne can speak other languages. He knows at least a little in multiple native languages and also some spanish, because of the time he spends in mexico. Good on him.
01 July 2016 @ 11:21 am
Breckin Meyer called Seth his boo. I can't.

I missed ep 9 of Houdini and Doyle and I'm sure it was entirely tragic.

I also missed the latest ep of BrainDead, so I don't know who's been ant-ified.

When I started s7 of Cheyenne I was kind of underwhelmed and figured it was a total blow off, but it, like, wasn't really.

In the last episode ever Cheyenne decides that he wants to settle down and find a bit of land somewhere. My feels are full of feeling. The canon otp of Cheyenne/drifting is in serious peril.
So Cheyenne starts off finding an injured sheep and picks it up and pets it and says soft things to it and it's wonderful, he should have sheep all the time. But when he gets to town everyone hates him because of sheep. It's a whole range war thing about cattle vs sheep and Cheyenne is not looking to be part of it. The sheriff is a guy he knew a long time ago and who is shocked that Cheyenne wants to settle down because, according to the sheriff, Cheyenne's never stayed in one place for more that 8 years. (which really seems like an eternity for Cheyenne and I wonder when that was and why he stayed for so long, I mean, he only really stayed with the cheyenne until he was 12 (which was when he became a brave and had to go and make his fortune amongst the white man, only to return a few years later) but even as a child he could barely stay anywhere, ugh) Cheyenne goes out to see the ranch he was thinking of buying but it turns out that the rancher only wants to sell because sheep are moving in and because Cheyenne is a gentleman he says he won't steal the ranch from this guy (and the guy's daughter is very happy because her mother is buried out back and it's her home and her and her almost husband wants to stay so Cheyenne really can't). But there's trouble brewing between the sheep herders and the cattlemen and the sheriff asks Cheyenne to help and Cheyenne doesn't want to and tries to say he doesn't want to (like three or four different times and he just looks so tired of people asking him to fight their battles for them and my feels) but because he's Cheyenne he helps anyway. He gets yelled at by the rancher he was going to buy from for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong and he gets yelled at by the lady who owns the sheep for being suspicious of her and it's awful. But they find the real bad guy (who, amazingly, was not Cheyenne's old friend the sheriff) and everyone thanks Cheyenne for fixing their lives and asks Cheyenne to say, but, because Cheyenne/drifting truly is the canon otp of the show, Cheyenne must leave immediately and drift some more, still looking for a bit of land to settle down on (and probably a town that won't ask him for help every five mins).
I very nearly cried.

Then I watched the first episode of Cheyenne, which I hadn't seen, and which was adorable with him and his talented artist partner Smitty who they probably could have kept and then Smitty could have drawn detailed sketches of Cheyenne's many adventures (and also probably of his and Smitty's naked adventures under the stars or whatever). I'm glad the dog lived. And I'm glad the lady already had a fiance, because then they could subtly hint that Cheyenne was not into ladies when she was sure that there was some lady out there that cared about Cheyenne the way she cared for her army guy only for Cheyenne to mumble about how maybe there was and quickly disengage to go talk to Smitty.
26 June 2016 @ 04:07 pm
Cheyenne ran a blind lady and her black maid over with his stampeding cattle and then after helping her up he waved his hand in front of her face like he'd never seen a blind person before. He tried to get her to be a singer for a church but she decided that she would rather be a singer in a gambling hall. Cheyenne was very bitchy about it. She got him arrested for murder. But then it all worked out.

Cheyenne had a cute young bf in one ep who he was surveying railroad plans with. Some people had trouble with him making deals with the local shoshone tribe for the land for the rail road and tried to kill him (multiple times, first by a guy who hated "big guys"). Cheyenne also won a chinese lady in a (rigged) lottery (that was supposed to raised money to send her back to san francisco) and Cheyenne tried to get his bf to explain why he couldn't actually accept her as his winnings and the bf thought it was all real cute that Cheyenne looked like he was gonna cough up a hairball at the idea of him being "lord and master" to this girl. She follows them out on the trial and his bf suggests that they get a place of their own (cause they'd been staying in a hotel) and let her take care of the place and it all could have been very sweet and domestic. But then the guys try to kill Cheyenne again using the girl. They wanted her to poison him, but she poisoned herself instead, so Cheyenne and his bf went out to confront the guys and his bf got shot in the shoulder. In the end his bf and the girl both had to head to a doctor in san francisco together. It was actually a pretty sweet episode.

Then Cheyenne became a jr senator and tried to pass a bill to save the buffalo, but he nearly got himself impeached for saloon brawling and gun slinging.

Cheyenne drugged an old friend and fireman carried him out of a saloon so that he wouldn't get drunk and shoot another guy. I mean, there was other stuff in the episode, like Cheyenne still wearing his corduroy shirt and another guy wearing a corduroy vest, but, like, the important part was that Cheyenne hinted to a bartender to pour his friend a drink that would knock him out in seconds and them, while smiling and looking entirely pleased with himself, hoisted the guy over his shoulder and hauled him off. Okay, well, there was also an amazing fist fight.