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01 February 2018 @ 02:11 am
I'm gonna set a Cheyenne vid to the Lee Marvin version of "Wand'rin' Star". (I'm most probably not but I like to pretend that I'll be some kind of productive) Isn't "Heaven is goodbye forever its time for me to go" so Cheyenne?

Didn't watch The X FIles because I was watching The Librarians, which was entirely tragic.

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24 January 2018 @ 09:57 pm
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21 January 2018 @ 03:53 am
How come Cheyenne never got accidentally temporarily blinded and then had to shoot someone who wanted him dead?
18 January 2018 @ 02:02 am
Johnny Bravo is such a prime episode of Cheyenne. It's got classic gay Cheyenne having his meet cute with a guy that's basically his height (which is so Cheyenne's thing), getting into a bar fight, eating three bowls of buffalo hump stew, and getting his ass beat, but, shockingly, Johnny Bravo doesn't betray Cheyenne in the end (other than being tragically hetero).

I can't believe pasta fandom on tumblr is all up in Rawhide's business and writing think pieces about how Mr Favor is full of toxic masculinity and Rowdy is a manic pixie dream girl when they could be talking about how fantastic Cheyenne is.

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16 January 2018 @ 12:52 am
NGL, I totally probably would have watched a spin off with the girl from Cheyenne s1 ep 12. (I also probably would have watched more eps of her causing trouble for Cheyenne)

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05 January 2018 @ 12:40 pm
This morning I realized that I had never actually watched the 6th episode of Cheyenne. It was exciting. In the 6th episode Cheyenne has to bring a guy to trial (even though he doesn't think he's guilty of anything) and him and the prisoner and the prisoner's daughter and a guy trying to kill the prisoner (who has now also become another prisoner) and a deputy (who eventually mutinies) all almost die in the desert because Cheyenne is a stubborn fuck. It was incredible.

I love that, like, despite zero continuity on this show they early on decided that one thing that people fucking hate about Cheyenne is that he doesn't sleep. Love it.
(Cheyenne does get sleepy tho, in this ep, and then fucking crashes his horse on a sand dune because he passes out after 3 (? more? idk) days of little to no sleep. Which was so great.)

Other great shit. His weird, awkward relationship with that guy's daughter... (it's nice that this show, like, lets women be feisty (it's not, like, great treatment, but no one tsks about how she should be in the kitchen finding a man, they're just like 'kids these days' about it,)** like, the narrative just sort lets women be, you know? For the most part) I swear, that kiss was so unfortunate I expected Cheyenne's hands to be just, like, dead at his side when the camera panned down. I know CW wasn't that great at horse riding before Cheyenne, but was he also not great at girl kissing?

I also like how hard they went after getting rid of Smitty. Like to dissuade people from thinking that this was in any way a "fun" western they were like 'oh let's have Cheyenne get his ass beat because a former ~dance hall girl~ thinks he's going to out her' (scandalous!). Amazing.

** I just watched an ep of Trackdown (which is a terrible western and Robert Culp is a terrible actor) where the women in town were going all suffragette and asking for the vote and only one man was okay with it (and he's a wuss), like not even Robert Culp's character (who's the lead) was into it, and in the line of exposing a scam by a couple who incited the suffragette stuff he completely fucks over his long time lady friend and makes her look the fool and, I mean... Cheyenne would never. He'd be, like, totally for women voting and shit.
04 January 2018 @ 02:25 am
There's probably an alt reality out there where Smitty stayed on Cheyenne (and wasn't so obnoxiously hetero) and in every episode Cheyenne had to kiss or get kissed by a lady and he always gave oblivious Smitty this look.

And in an alt reality, I probably watched and enjoyed that show.

Still not even close to the majesty that is our Cheyenne tho.

I bought new glasses. Four pairs of new glasses. I didn't need them, but, oh well... fashion.

The Magicians is almost back. I can't wait to see how they've forgotten about Penny's terrible magical cancer that was painfully killing him. (I went back and watched parts of the last episode to reacquaint myself with Penny's terrible magical cancer and I can not believe the lack of time they spent on it. It was in the beginning and then around the 12 min mark and then we don't go back to Penny until nearly the end and that's just him crumpled on the ground, suffering, for .5 seconds while the librarian helps him up. More time was spent on Q and Alice's sex bacon and I had to scroll through so much of that I'm so upset.)

The Librarians is also back and I think TNT is, like, burning through them so is this like the last season? Also I can't deal with Flynn's whole thing... I like can't even bring myself to care about his dithering.

The Alienist is also almost on and I'm entirely setting myself up for disappointment there, but oh well.

The X Files is back. (why are all the shows I'm watching starting with 'the', ugh) And The X Files is terrible. I'm sorry. But who okayed, like, any of that? I mean, did no one at any point be like 'you know what, we could just not do this' at all? No one? Whatever.
01 January 2018 @ 12:00 am
Buongiorno 2018!
31 December 2017 @ 11:59 pm
Flit, float, and fleetly flee away 2017.
31 December 2017 @ 06:29 pm
The Year in Review Meme!
Post the first sentence of the first entry of the month for every month of the year.

Jan - So I had a dream this morning and, well, I don’t remember the exact circumstances that lead to this, but the important part was that there was this giraffe, a maybe 3ft tall, chubby, little giraffe that made a gruff ‘mrr’ noise, and there was a guy and he explained that the giraffe’s name was Alan, Alan Giraffe, which, apparently, was this amazing pun because giraffe sounds like graph and Alan Graph was the guy who invented graph paper.

Feb - Watched The Nice Guys. Why did no one else talk about this movie?

March - Breckin Meyer tried to play off his obvious love for MPG, and how pretty he thinks he is, by posting a picture of James Van Der Beek while wishing MPG a happy bday. I can't deal with that.

April - There was drama in ladies golf over the weekend... a viewer at home saw someone mark their ball, pick it up, and then put it back slightly in the wrong spot and then called or emailed in a day later to mention it and the girl who did it was winning, two strokes ahead of everyone, and they docked her four strokes (two for the ball moving and two for signing her card with an incorrect score) and it was awful, she was crying and everyone was upset and then she tied and went to a play off and lost and Tiger Woods tweeted that people at home shouldn't play referee.

May - One of the channels has been having a marathon of Early Edition. Oh man, that was the show.

June - The other day I thought about looking up new books on parallel universes/quantum mechanics/theoretical physics and the like and then today we were listening to npr in the car and there was a guy talking about that stuff and I was like 'I wonder if this is Brian Greene?' and then it turned out that it was Brian Greene and I had to explain to my father how we don't actually have free will if there are infinite realities.

July - Breckin Meyer is so adorable with his flip flops, and having friends, and how he's going to get some terrible monkey disease... those things will eat your face off and he should leave them alone.

Aug - Out of all of Syfy's new shark movies, I liked Toxic Shark the best. It's classic syfy nonsense... there's a corrosive slime spraying shark on the loose that's full of arsenic (which also means it doesn't like magnets?) and when someone gets bit or scraped by the shark they become infected by arsenic (?), which turns them into zombies (and they can also infect other with arsenic (?) if they bite them). It all makes zero sense and they also totally cribbed the ending of Jaws. So incredible.

Sept - This weekend on Bat Masterson we learn that Bat apparently gets to go to secret army weapon symposia, because he knew all about a new kind of pressure explosive (and also nearly got himself exploded).

Oct - This week on Bat Masterson Bat picked up a guy in jail and paid bail for him and then tutored him in how to win at crooked cards.

Nov - Breckin got a puppy!

Dec - I was watching the orig Miricle on 34th Street and the lawyer guy was, like, going to quit his job or get fired or whatever if he lost the case or if his big fancy law firm didn't like that he was defending Kris Kringle and so he's all 'oh, I'll make my own law firm and I'll take cases just like this, for people who are getting pushed around... because that's what makes the law fun.' and it was so totally F&B that I died thinking about how we were robbed of a F&B Christmas where Peter and Jared had to defend someone who thought he was Santa or something redic like that and where Damien would be visited by law ghosts and we'd all learn that saying 'happy holidays' was okay because Pindar's not christian and there's probably some jewish people around too and maybe someone celebrates Kwanzaa (which, lbr, it'd be Stanton and it'd be awkwardly old man racist and ott) and Peter and Jared would try to convince everyone that Die Hard is a christmas movie and then it would miraciously snow at the end.

Okay, so, I cheated on a couple of these and put an extra sentence. But it sort of balances out the ones where I, you know, put no periods in whatsoever for fifteen sentences.

Anyway, it seems like it was a wild year.