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21 May 2015 @ 05:01 am
I had a F&B dream last night, where Damien and Jared had to go to a multi law firm leadership seminar (like in that on ep of 30 Rock where Jack took Liz with and they had to build a train out of legos) and they hated it at first because they were forced to go and it was stodgy with a lot of rules that Jared didn't want to deal with and Damien was stuck with Jared and that was like so embarrassing, but then Jared found a way to sort of game the system and him and Damien were, like, winning and Damien thought it was actually kind of cool that they were beating everyone else, but then the other lawyers started being really mean to Jared and Damien was like 'that's it, we're leaving.' and Jared's was like 'But... we can't...?' because Damien had been really adamant that they had to go, but Damien was super ready to fuck off because screw those other lawyers and so they left and it was really beautiful.

I think my mind is trying to provide me with a season five of F&B. (because s5 had to have had at least a couple of episode of Jared slightly replacing Peter with Damien (and Damien slightly replacing Stanton with Jared) out of necessity before Peter and Jared were reunited... probably with Peter walking in like 'oh hey, the chive didn't work out, so I'm back' and Jared and Damien being caught in some compromising position like working out a problem while playing darts and Peter's all bitchy like 'I can't believe this.' and then Jared and Damien would both be like 'Pfft. We totally still hate each other. Whatever.' but they still maybe hang out a little after Peter's back because I assume that they'd have to have some sort of character development for Damien and not revert to him just being a complete jerkface.)

Also, what is even going on with SPN. That was a bit of a mess of a season finale.
16 May 2015 @ 03:32 am
I was watching Scream 2 on tv (Scream was on last week) and I was like 'gosh, so many 90's actors, but no Breckin' and then I was reading the wiki on the Scream franchise and it said that Breckin lost out on the Randy Meeks role to Jamie Kennedy and a part of me died. Breckin Meyer's life is so tragic. *cries forever*

I watched the entire pilot of Wayward Pines for 5 (boring) seconds of Reed Diamond and if that ratio of Matt Dillon to Reed Diamond keeps up I'm not sure if I can deal with that. (nothing really against Matt Dillon, I just don't care about him or his character or his plot)

So much eye rolling at people who bag on the manic pixie dream girl idea (like what the girl is/does, not the fact that her only purpose is male character development, which is, like, what most lady characters are used for anyway) where they're all 'oh no one ever exists like this, it's a completely made up thing that people just want to exist' because it's like, I was a lot of that... and no one wanted it, everyone just thinks it's annoying and weird and they wonder if you're taking drugs.
13 May 2015 @ 06:52 am
I have a lot of feelings about Mark-Paul only ever talking to Breckin when it's about them playing golf together and those feelings mostly involve assuming that Mark-Paul feels that Breckin is his dirty little secret that he can cover seeing with manly excuses like competitive golf playing and how there's probably 'everyone just thinks we're golf buddies, so don't get too chummy later' sex in the clubhouse bathroom that leaves Mark-Paul super enthused about everything and Breckin wondering why this is the best he can ever get.



I didn't watch the Undateable live show, for a number of reasons including feeling weird about live shows and not caring about either the singing ginger or the victorious girl, but I did watch this week's double ep and now Justin has a girlfriend and Danny's upset about it (which is lovely) but there's an awful lot about Candace and also Danny may or may not have won her a house... I was also watching the season finale of AOS... but Leslie tried to appeal to him to be a real hero and he just looked like he hated everyone and it was great.

The season finale of AOS (so sad) kinda seemed like it was setting up the registration plot for Civil War (with Skye's whole 'it has to be secret, not like the Avengers' thing) but they've said that Civil War's going to be about something else and I don't know what it could really possibly be, like really.

The Odd Couple is still super cute.
02 May 2015 @ 04:35 am
Today I thought about Damien seeing Jared go all shark!lawyer and it ends up being a really terrible experience for him (like he thought that grownup!Jared would be a good thing but it's actually kind of scary and unnerving), like he has to bring Jared on as second chair for this awful corporate client that they've got and Jared doing a cross examination of some insignificant worker and the worker mentions something that would have slipped right past Damien, but shark!lawyer Jared latches onto it (Damien thinks it's like this one story that Stanton told him about when he was a boy visiting his cousins farm and they had a rat terrier who was very sweet and fun until one time young Stanton watched it go after a rat in a sack of barely and tear it to pieces) and the worker's basically in tears at the end and Jared just goes back to his seat and doesn't look at Damien for like the rest of the day maybe the rest of the week.

...I've got a lot of thoughts about how Damien and Jared would have worked together after Peter moved to Austin... and now I'm wondering if Damien would have become BJ.

Also, I thought about Peter maybe buying a motorcycle in Austin and Dan finding out (because of course he'd keep tabs on Peter because he thinks it's what Jared wants) and casually mentioning it Jared and, like, a week later Jared's got a motorcycle because him and Peter were supposed to get those together and everyone sort of knows what's going on but everyone also kind of just ignores it. Tragic.

I'm actually really enjoying The Odd Couple. Despite MP's terrible line delivery. Thomas Lennon is really the gem of that show. (and he's still committed to doing his best Tony Randall, but in some ways it's sort of like his own. Plus he's super pumped. Damn.) And Yvette Nicole Brown is super incredible as usual.

Apparently Han/Chewie is a rarepair in the Star Wars fandom. I'm kind of shocked.
29 April 2015 @ 06:35 am
Danny was super causal about accepting blow job offers from Justin this episode. And then they kind of sort of danced together. And Danny also dramatically swept things off of a table in a 'people who don't like each other at first but then have wild sex' way, and he clearly meant him and Justin.

Also I watched s2 ep5 of F&B, the one with the gay softball team, and I have all the Damien feels about how he's probably not entirely straight, but he can't even think about that because it doesn't fit into his idealized vision about what his life should be. This is also the ep that has the first mention of Damien's tummy that he can't quite get rid of (because he has large organs) so I've got feels about that too because Damien and food might be the real otp of the show.

Also also, Peter slept with Janie and then sang Rainy Day Janie right in front of Jared and Jared was almost violent about it and I can't even imagine what it was like when Peter first wrote that song and how awful it was for Jared and ugh. My heart.
25 April 2015 @ 12:11 am
I had a dream that Breckin Meyer got a role on a new show, but he, like off screen, casually let it slip that he was still writing for other shows and stuff and a few episodes later he was gone and his character had sort of been replaced and it was really tragic.

I can't get over the hair fuzzies in Undateable. And that Leslie knows that Justin loves Danny. And that Justin told Danny that his job was just being his amazing self.
18 April 2015 @ 06:17 am
People on tumblr trying to convince people not to vote because they think Hillary is terrible without acknowledging the massive problems with the right wing (or acting like Hillary and anyone on the right are on the same level) or how fucked up american politics are wrt our two party system and how that works.

People on tumblr wildly clutching their vanilla pearls over kink being anywhere but locked inside a bedroom and never talked about like 'don't put your weird sex stuff on me' and 'I would never let anyone abuse me like that' and 'won't somebody think of the children?!?'.

People on tumblr wondering about what happened between Zak and Nick on Ghost Adventures like it isn't obvious that Zak was totally in love with Nick but once Nick had a kid and started spending more time with his family Zak felt left out and got together with Billy and nothing was ever the same.
:/ *sigh*

Apparently Star Wars is happening and I feel like such a bad nerd for not being into it, but I think it's because I didn't come into it fresh, like I already knew the major plot points when I first watched it so when got to the part where Luke and Leia kiss I was all 'but they're brother and sister' and my nine year old brain couldn't deal with that and then there were the ewoks and weird bleep bloop robots and I was already really into Star Trek so grey morality seemed more interesting than good vs evil and the hero's journey set in space and so I never quite got over my 'the fuck am I'm watching' reaction to the whole thing. I still fully support Breckin For Boba though.

Peter wore an american flag helmet like Wyatt wears in Easy Rider and now I think that F&B is basically an Easy Rider AU with Peter and Jared having to struggle with wanting to be modern day cowboys of the legal world, free and easy, meandering through life according to their own whims, acting anti establishment (though not being willing to completely disavow the establishment because money) without being corrupted (killed) by the establishment and I want to know if Breckin (or Mark-Paul or anyone) was actively cultivating that idea. (bonus thought... is Damien George Hanson?)

(full disclosure tho, I'm not super into Easy Rider... mainly when it comes up I just like to remind people that if it hadn't been for Head (the monkees movie) Easy Rider wouldn't have gotten made and leave it at that, so I may be skating over some glaring inconsistencies in my paralleling)
15 April 2015 @ 06:31 am
Danny wasn't taking advantage of Justin in a sex way, but it did involve rent money, sticking twenties into Justin's pants, and a trip to jail, so I guess that's pretty okay too. (I do wish that they didn't focus so much of Candace, but whateves) Danny's eyes are full of love when he looks at Justin and it's amazing. I hope they have to kiss eventually.

POI tried to insinuate that Reese doesn't care about Finch and that the only person he was ever in any way close to was Carter and I don't know why the show has to be cruel like that.

I want a show that's like Jaws but in space, like not with a giant shark, but like with people who aren't really into each other having to go out and do a thing. The character stuff. Or maybe I just want young Richard Dreyfuss. idk.

I was thinking about Franklin and Bash as a MASH AU (because I’ve got feels about Damien being a Frank Burns type character that the show didn’t really commit to) and I was like ‘okay, Stanton as Potter’ and my brain was like ‘No, Henry Blake.’ and I was like ‘okay, that makes sense…’ and my brain was like ‘Because they both died.’ and I was like ‘omg, how dare you.’ and I’m very upset with myself because I try not to think about Stanton maybe being dead.
13 April 2015 @ 06:20 am
I kept trying to watch 12 Monkeys, but it's one of those that I could only vaguely get myself to pay attention to, and then everyone was like 'no, don't tell me about, or try to change, the future, even though the whole point of the time travel was about changing the future, because we don't know what might happen.' and then, like, things turned out the same? But idk, I think I missed something (or the whole thing is about time guy falling in love with science girl in which I care even less) cause usually I'm into time travel stuff.

I can't believe Mark-Paul is doing things that aren't Breckin related. My heart feels sad.

I saw a couple of gif sets on tumblr about SGA and now I miss it. Well, I miss the idea of it. ... Well, the idea of what it could have been if they had done more episodes with the quality and vision of Vegas.

I miss space based sci fi.

A synopsis that I saw for this Tuesday's Undateable says that Justin discovers that Danny has been taking advantage of him and I really want them to mean sexually, not like in a rape-y way, but in a 'Danny whines about not having a gf and makes sad puppy faces until Justin sighs (like he's so put out) and offers to give Danny a blow job to make him feel better' kind of way, like, until he finds out that Danny's purposefully not looking to find a gf and then's like 'dude no' but then Danny offers to cuddle afterwards and Justin's really into that (and it as all secretly part of Danny's master plan), but they probably don't mean it that way, it's probably about Justin paying more than his share of the rent or doing all of Danny's laundry or something, making Danny a jerkface. (tho, ngl, I'd also sort of be there for the classic 'I've noticed that you're nicer/paying more attention to me when I'm hurt, so maybe I'm gonna milk this for a while' trope where Justin's realizes what Danny's doing and isn't really mad, you know, but is like 'you can just ask for attention you know' and Danny kind of dies because that's like admitting that he has feelings)
08 April 2015 @ 05:35 am
Stumbled upon MPG's svu episode. Is it not a totally perfect tragic set up for college!Peter having to do porn for money?

I should, like, take gifs and put them next to gifs of college age Breckin and AU it, but I won't because I've already described it and that's how my life goes.
It'd be like this...

where Peter is just so tired and sad and Jared assures him that he doesn't have to do anything anymore but Peter's like 'what about money, dude?' and Jared's like 'I can make enough for the both of us.' but Peter can't just quite the life, it doesn't work like that.

I don't remember anything about season two of F&B. Every episode I'm like 'the hell is this one about?'. Brain. Anyway.

Why didn't they do more with Colleen and Damien? That whole thing between them was so cute. They could have had her loosening Damien up. Or bringing out his kinky side. Like everything that happened with Jared and her could have happened with Damien only it wouldn't have been tragic and it would have been during his mental breakdown. Ugh.

Colleen called Jared JareBear, which is either a reference to Bear, or it's about how Jared is totally a werewolf and got hairy sometimes and Colleen totally knows about it and was really supportive when Jared was going through difficult teen wolf stuff. Canon.