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28 August 2015 @ 04:13 am
Dr Alan Grant of the Jurassic Park movies (I... don't actually remember enough from the books to comment... I looked it up, she was engaged to another guy) is my fav aromantic asexual head canon. My mind boggles at people who think that he was in, like, romanticsexual love with Dr. Ellie Sattler. Like where did that even come from. There was no kissing, no declarations of love, they basically were off doing their own things for the whole movie... and he didn't want kids and didn't start wanting kids even though she pushed those kids on him (which was, like, the best part imo).

Despite that I still totally believe that Alan and Billy (JP3) were totes in a relationship, even though Alan's true love will always be dinosaurs. (Billy understands that)

I'm so dissapointed in the Ghost Adventures fandom on tumblr. No one talks about the important things like how gay Zak is or what his break up with Nick was like / how much he cares about Billy now / why Aaron was never an option. Those people simply do not appreciate rps. They're all like 'I can't believe they saw a ghost!' like way to miss the point of that whole show.

I'm so fucking behind in my F&B watching... I mean, I'm putting up posts, but I haven't had any real time to watch or, like, catalog all the stuff I need to and I thought maybe my F&B love was waning, but then I was watching part of 4x02 to gif it and they kissed and Jared said that it was hot and it's like, no, I'm still totally into it. (but, man, s4 seems so far away from s1... it's wild)

Breckin played basketball on a celeb team which also had Clark Gregg on it and I need CG to get Breckin a job at Marvel or something. Work those basketball connections, Breckin.
23 August 2015 @ 05:11 am
Oh god, the latest episode of Ghost Adventures had Billy getting something thrown at him and so he yelled and Zak fucking freaked and booked it down a hallway say "Billy Billy Billy" in a frantic worried way that he never had with Nick and he was so concerned afterwards... I'm such rps trash about this show, but Zak's whole existence is really kind of sad and he had this whole thing with Nick where they met while he was dj-ing Nick's wedding and bonded over ghosts and I think Zak thought Nick was going to, like, stay with him having ghost adventures, but then Nick had a baby and was spending more time with his wife and Zak did not handle that well and he started bringing Billy along and now Nick's quit ghost adventuring and idk... I think it's just been really rough because on top of all that Zak keeps getting possessed as desperate cries for attention probably because he was a chubby nerd as a kid who wore a cape and read Dracula all summer.

I love how fat Nathan Fillion has gotten.

I’m irrationally upset over the end credit order for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and how the actors who played the dwarves weren’t all put together before other people... like, say, BC, who played a fucking cgi dragon and was only in the movie for like 2 mins and only had like maybe 5 lines. Ugh.

I'm also upset over how shafted Fili got wrt screen time and death sadness.

Hannibal completely killed me. Raul Esparza is a fucking treasure.

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09 August 2015 @ 05:14 am
Ugh at people who make arguments that sound like they're being really insightful and bringing up something really important, but where the thing they bring up doesn't actually exist (basically straw men, but, like, preemptive straw men? like 'can't you see that this thing that isn't actually a real problem is a major problem?') and then people agreeing that they're making a good point and it's like 'of course you think they're making a good point, the thing they're complaining about doesn't happen'.

(this applies to a lot of stuff, but atm it's tumblr crap about ace/aro communities (I"m gonna bitch about other related tumblr stuff too, ignore it)Collapse )

Hannibal also happened, and it's really pretty, but I sort of didn't really pay attention to what was going on. There was a tiger though and some sex.
08 August 2015 @ 01:59 pm
So I finally got a new cell phone.Collapse )

Someone else watch Disney Descendants and talk to me about it. It's terrible and Kristen Chenowith is in it but only gets to sing once and it's kinda gay in that weird Disney way where you don't know if they're doing it on purpose or not but it's so entirely vague and bizarre that they can still retain plausible deniability and it brings up, and then completely glosses over, forcing people to live on an island and sending them garbage to eat as punishment and also some kinda serious child abuse issues. (it also has nonsensical world building that verges on just plain laziness and some attempt at racial diversity, but not pushed enough to consider it colorblind casting (think Brandi's Cinderella movie) so, at least with Jafar's kid, it comes off as a bit "interchangeable poc" and a way to allow them to say that they tried)

Did I miss a bear attack on Zoo? I missed the first few mins and then fell asleep when they were still talking about bats.
01 August 2015 @ 04:39 am
I have too much mint in the yard so I looked up suggestions for what to do with mint and like all of the are 'make mojitos!!!' and it's like calm down people in the comment sections, damn... what suggestions I was actually looking for was something like 1,001 desserts that use mint or something.

(though I should probably also make mojitos, and mint juleps too, because I've been trying to drink alcohol, but I don't think I'm drinking enough because I never feel anything)

I forgot to watch Dark Matter. And I even complained that there was nothing on tv earlier. *sigh*

I tried to watch Zoo and the bat attack was kinda neat and the possibility that the family dog is going to kill everyone is promising, but I don't really care about animals sort of hating technology or the prison guy stuff?
27 July 2015 @ 06:21 am
Breckin Meyer apparently went to ComicCon and adultswim.com has the Robot Chicken panel up for watching. I've scrolled through it and even though they've all been to ComicCon before they seem confused by nerds in cosplay and are easily distracted and Breckin is very excitable.

Ugh, even with the promise of being exiting and full of future!human fighting Wayward Pines was still dull.

I guess we learned some stuff about Three on Dark Matter, but other wise the ep was kinda eh.

I tired to pay attention to Hannibal, but Steve Guttenberg was in Lavalantula on Syfy and that proved much more interesting.
But from what I saw the Preller was pretty good.
17 July 2015 @ 05:46 am
I had sad thoughts about Peter "just friends" fucking Jared and then acting super friends-ish towards him afterwards, like all 'we're such bros, bro' and then punching Jared in the arm and stuff like that while Jared just kind of puts up with it because he accepts Peter's heterosexuality.

I can't believe Wayward Pines did that to Reed Diamond's character. And I can't believe this week was vaguely interesting. And I can't believe that next week is the series final and I guess they're going to fight everything and that's all I wanted in the first place but now it's over. Ugh.

I'm also watching Proof and I thought it'd be a bit more oooOOoOOoooOOO *wiggles fingers*, you know? But it's not. I hate TNT.

Zoo killed some people, but it wasn't with cicadas, so I feel like the episode title lied to me.

Why is Falling Skies still on? Wasn't it over last season? Or was it just cancelled and now they're finishing episodes? It's probably that, but I thought there was a big finale already with like explosions and stuff.
11 July 2015 @ 05:36 am
What's going on with BBC Sherlock... like are they really doing Victorian times stuff? And showing it in movie theaters? I mean... like, idk, stay in your own lane? Ugh.

Dark Matter clearly wants us to ship One and Three because there's no way those two get paired up without having hate sex. The show should really just be David Hewlett talking for an hour tho, but I'm glad to see Joshua from First Wave again.

Reed's character on Wayward Pines got beat up a bit which was really nice.
09 July 2015 @ 03:19 am
Some F&B thoughts that I posted to tumblr.

So Peter and Jared both wear different brands of wetsuits. Peter wears an O’Neill. Jared wears a Body Glove. Logically, from a tv production standpoint, it’s probably a ‘twice the bodies twice the product placement’ kinda thing. But I looked into each brand, for, like, character reasons that they might have put one in O’Neill and one in Body Glove…

They’re both out of California, both credited with early suit inventions, the suits themselves seem fairly similar…

Then I looked at the sizes and the smallest O’Neill was for 5′7″ while Body Glove goes down to 5′4″ with their x-sm, so I think the entire choice was probably because Breckin is such a tiny bunny.

In ep 4 of s3 Jared mentions that Peter (who is apparently very into justice) has gotten them banned from a bar, a gym with pretty trainers, and a Christmas Tree lot. Now, idk about Peter being such a bastion of fighting the good fight, but more importantly Peter and Jared went to a Christmas Tree lot together probably to pick out a tree only to have Peter get into a fight because it wasn’t 8 ft and then got banned from the lot and probs ended up with no tree so they more likely definitely had to decorate a coat rack or something.