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19 July 2017 @ 11:46 pm
So, we rent cars to do art shows and our local rental place just won, like, idk, “most rentals of the month” and they got bonuses and a trophy that they get to keep for a couple of weeks and the head guy was telling me about it and he's real excited and proud and he’s like ‘so I think I’m going to take the kids to a baseball game’ and he stops and looks at me and corrects himself ‘the guys... I don’t have kids... I'm thinking of taking the guys to a baseball game.' and he's talking about the other rental guy and the carwasher guy and I'm like 'no no, they're totally your kids' and he sort of laughs and nods and it was super adorable. He's also gone to the beach with at least the other rental guy because they both live in the next town over, only mins away from the beach (head rental car guy just moved there, it's a tiny apartment that won't let him hang things on the walls, but that's okay because the only thing he had to hang was a mirror and instead he just propped it up) and head rental guy got real sunburned and I asked the other rental guy why he didn't watch out for him and make sure he wore sunscreen and the other rental guy was like 'well, he got offered to have sunscreen put on him by another guy and didn't want it so...' and I told the head rental guy that he wouldn't be making that mistake again and he agreed, he also said that once you're a few beers in you don't care if you get sunburned. Head rental guy also got invited to his rich bosses house to have a fancy dinner because he was a top renter and she has a huge house and hired a chef and had quinoa that was too fancy for him and she makes so much money that he husband can be a stay at home dad. I know a lot about this guys life.

Watched an ep of TNG the other day and I'd completely forgotten that they'd used the 'psychically connected and unable to move apart without adverse effects' trope and I was like god damn, start trek has thought of everything.
(I also can't believe that Franklin and Bash wasn't a sci-fi show so that we could have had psychically connected and unable to be apart from each other Peter and Jared, life is so monumentally unfair)

I have more annoying thoughts about art shows and selling art and it's less about the people buying and more about, like, artists and people who sell the idea of being a ~professional artist~ to artists and how that's ruining art because everyone's being told to be ~professional~ and that that looks a certain way and engages customers a certain way and that it's how things are to be done because art should be like a business instead of, you know, art and instead of having art you just have people selling things that looks like everyone elses's things and are packaged and displayed like everyone else's things in booths that are set up like everyone else's booth because everyone gets their booth set up from the same 2 companies and they have to because they're sold on that being the only way to be a ~professional artist~. And it's lead to a lot of... sent out processing? Like laser cutting and powder coating and main components and printing that isn't done by the person selling those things, which is, you know, I suppose fine, but the public doesn't know that that's what's happening and they go off and buy something and think it's fantastically handmade or whatever, so professional, think they're getting a ~real piece of art~, and all that when it's basically just small scale manufacturing. And sometimes it's all so very... mall kiosk?

I also have more annoying thoughts about judges who don't actually judge and just breeze by your booth or, like, come in hours after they were supposed to and when you're like 'well, you've missed quite a lot of pieces and the overall look of the booth' they simply do not care because it's not like they think that what you're doing is real art anyway and you're not set up like a ~professional artist~ who does ~serious art~ so it's all 'oh, so you sold some things? that's nice' and then leave.

lol. An art show every other weekend wears on you.

All I want to do is write about Bat Masterson being gentle and sweet with Cheyenne and wanting to kiss him while he has amnesia but not doing it because it would be wrong to take advantage and Bat may take advantage of certain situations but not like this because he's a gentleman. (actually I want to rewrite practically every plot of the rifleman with Bat and Cheyenne... okay not really practically every one, because a lot of them are just terrible, but, like... snake in a bed roll, lost in the desert, temporarily blind, cougar attack, quicksand, and maybe the one where mark gets the typhoid and they have to send a mule up a mountain to get snow)
13 July 2017 @ 11:36 pm
Yesterday's Cheyenne was the one where he trips in a gopher hole for no reason. Amazing. And this morning he was, like, in love with a terrible army guy who hated him. (sometimes I think I don't like s5, but it's not true)

Ugh, I'm so pissed at Suits for comparing themselves to Butch and Sundance.

I'm thinking of writing some kind of listicle about things people should know before going to an art show. You know, like how we pay to be there, we're not 'out enjoy the day' we're working, how open and close times are there for a reason and saying things like 'oh, looks like everyone's closing up' is a shit thing to say, mind your child that art they're touching is expensive, mind yourself that art you're touching is expensive, a table in a booth is not a place to reorganize your bags, a booth is not a place to stand in the middle of to take a phonecall, the front of a booth is not the place to stop and have a conversation, etc?

Also, it's complete bs if you put as an artist amenity that you've got night security and then add in after people have already paid for a show that artists shouldn't leave work in their booths at night, like I'm not fucking tearing down my whole booth and packing it up every night, I'm not a jeweler, that's the point of security.

And omg at Breckin's continued adventures with SG. *dies*
06 July 2017 @ 11:10 am
Breckin Meyer is so adorable with his flip flops, and having friends, and how he's going to get some terrible monkey disease... those things will eat your face off and he should leave them alone.

I had more to say about things but I'm too lazy to type it out. But I wanted to post my very important thoughts about Breckin Meyer's life and I've been sitting on this post for, like, a week.
28 June 2017 @ 06:30 am
I've been away at an art show all weekend. It's super snobby of me I'm sure, but I don't think that laser/plasma cut yard decor should be allowed into a fine art show. I also don't think that wooden cutting boards and bread knives should be allowed when they clearly have been juried in with large scale wooden sculpture. Also, and I'm not complaining about not winning awards, I really could not care less about that, but it's super bothersome when you look at who did win and it's like, you know, I'd really like to have a discussion with the judge to find out if they're so terribly uneducated about things or what.

Breckin Meyer's thing that he's doing with Seth is about two estranged friends in Thailand and I hope it's also about them de-estranging themselves by having sex and falling in love. (I also hope it's not racist etc like literally everything that white people do wrt Thailand)

I don't understand people who like meeting face characters at Disney. I mean... I guess? Maybe? It's fine? But also, you know, no? Not at all? It just seems so weird over the age of, like, four? When you don't know any better? I feel like I'm being real judgey about other people's enjoyment, but I just, like, can't even fathom being okay with doing something like that. I never did. Not when I was real little being forced to take pictures with easter bunnies, not when I was slightly older and got accosted by a ronald mcdonald, not now when I get bothered by street performers.

This week on Wanted Dead or Alive Josh gets the rabies.
Ugh, Josh didn't get the rabies. Such a missed opportunity.
22 June 2017 @ 04:25 am
Watched the second half of the Cheyenne 2 parter with Custer's last stand. I hate that he did redface, but I love how much he hates the army guy. The guy's like 'thx for coming back to bail me out even if it's just cause you like my wife' and Cheyenne's all 'fuck you, asshole'.

Then the next episode is the one where he's in a town without a well and he shoots the town's leader's son who's leading a mob and then they want to hang Cheyenne, but then a well known hanging judge comes and presides over Cheyenne's trial and exposes the town for conspiring against him and Cheyenne's sitting there as the judge talks about how Cheyenne's the only one who saved the whole town of committing murder and the only decent person and Cheyenne's has this look, like no one's ever really saying nice things about him like that and he can't really deal with it, like he can't really deal with a whole town turning on him and nearly getting him hung and that the only decent person in this whole courthouse is this asshole judge who fucking loves hanging people, and then he gets his gun and leaves because fuck that town and it's so completely perfect and I have a lot of feelings about Cheyenne being disposable when he's outlived whatever usefulness that someone finds in him and people turning on him when he doesn't do what they want and how they act like they care about him but they really don't and how this is a lesson that Cheyenne learns over and over again, that no one will ever really want him for him, because they have this idea of who he is as long as he's what they want but when that stops everything they felt for him stops (or, opposite, where no one wants him until he does what they want, like he's this inhuman asshole when he's making people do their jobs, but when they get rewarded for it they think he's swell) And it's like, like I'm sure he knows he does good things and 'the right thing' and whatever like that, but it's because he *has* to, you know?, because it's the law or whatever but I don't know if he really feels like he's a good person because he does it, you know? Especially when that 'right thing' gets him in trouble more often than not.

I just... I want someone to care about Cheyenne as Cheyenne, you know?

(he probably has to ruin one of Bat's gambling halls or prize fight matches or something and he thinks, you know, this is it, now Bat knows he won't just turn a blind eye if he's doing something Cheyenne feels is wrong, but, like, Bat already knew that and understands that Cheyenne has to be Cheyenne and doesn't turn on him (and Cheyenne's seen Bat turn on plenty of people so he thinks he's ready for whatever Bat's going to do) and just sort of agrees that maybe it's wasn't the best thing to do (but maybe that he did it to cheese off some guy who had bested Bat before or something, spite and everything) and he just, like, makes casual plans with Cheyenne like nothing happened and Cheyenne's so confused about Bat's love)
18 June 2017 @ 01:36 am
So not only does The Rifleman have a 'snake in the bedroll' episode, they also have a 'gets amnesia and whipped' episode. How is that in any way fair? You can't do an amnesia episode in a half an hour, fucking Lucas doesn't even remember his kid by the time the credits roll. And you roll that into a 'gets whipped' episode? That's a whole episode in itself... but not a The Rifleman episode, that should have been a Cheyenne episode. And amnesia. Also he was accused of being a bad guy who killed people and he just accepted it like 'oh I can't remember anything guess I'm a wanted murderer that seems right' and that should have been Cheyenne, can you imagine? Poor Cheyenne all woozy from a head wound and not knowing who he is and no one being nice to him and him just accepting it and thinking that because he's all tall and muscle-y that maybe, you know, the townsfolk are right? That he's clearly a criminal who hurts people who don't deserve it? Because he's also really good with a gun? And strong? Like maybe he accidentally hurts someone and everyone's like 'see? he's so violent' and Cheyenne feels like maybe that isn't true, but he can't argue with the facts? And Cheyenne would have no one, not like Lucas who has his terrible child, and no one could vouch for him but then maybe he also accidentally saves someone and that feels right but the townspeople still don't like him and want him out of town?

And then, idk, Bat Masterson probably shows up and is all 'wtf is going on here? what's wrong with you people?' and Cheyenne would be all sad and accepting of his fate of being cast out and he'd try to explain to Bat, who he doesn't remember at all, that he was a wanted criminal and Bat would be so worried and gentle with him and touch his head wound and know everything about amnesia and tell the townsfolk that they should be ashamed of how they were acting and then he'd probably buy Cheyenne a nice hot meal because clearly he also probably had no money and couldn't fend for himself and make him lie down because what's he doing walking around with a concussion like that.

(also also probably someone in town did know Cheyenne but, you know, they were an old friend and were evil and needed Cheyenne out of their way so that they could do something awful so they went along with everyone and fanned the flames and Cheyenne probably has to shoot them even though he doesn't remember that they were friends)

Sometimes I think I talk about Cheyenne as though I think of him as too much of a delicate flower, like he can't take care of himself? I mean, he obviously can, but also, like, he has a hard time convincing towsnfolk that he's Cheyenne even when he knows he's Cheyenne and he also probably would like someone to care about him?
16 June 2017 @ 09:19 pm
Feel like there shouldn't be questions about how people shouldn't be making money off of fics but it's amazing what kind of world we live in.

Love it when Cheyenne looks shifty anytime he does anything even slightly untoward... like cool it dude you look super suspect. I mean, he was literally just mailing a letter, but was also sort of like on a secret fact finding mission, but he got the shifty eyes. I love that that's Clint Walker's, like, go to.

There were three Bat Masterson episodes on tonight and I paid attention to exactly zero of them. But anyway, some vague takeaways (I guess they aren't that vague, lol)... Bat's always asking ladies to wait for him, like 'keep a candle burning' type shit, which is super shady of him since he never seems to ever go back to a town or if he does it's literally years later. Bat also apparently knows at least five people who will willingly wire him $10 thousand a piece if he asks them (he needed $50 thousand bail money for some lady who was accused of murder but she didn't actually do it probably) (also when she was recounting how she found the dead guy she was like 'I went in the room and I screamed' and Bat's all 'the standard woman's reaction', and I don't know if that was a knock towards the delicacies of women or if the writers were making a point that that's what all lady characters do when they see a dead body). The Bat got suckered into going to mexico to pick up something because the guy offered him a real huge diamond (Bat even scratched up a mirror with it, and, like, as soon as he saw it was real he was totally willing to do anything for this guy) but it was a trap and Bat nearly got executed but a lady gave him some chainmail and it stopped the bullets and Bat had to unbutton his shirt and she was upset that he was all bruised up and Bat made eyes at her, but then at the end he wanted to go to Reno and the girl was all 'oh I've never been to oklahoma before' and Bat's like 'oh no, you're mistaken, I'm going to Reno Nevada' (like no one wants to go there, total den of sin) and she's all 'oh that's okay I've never been to Nevada either' and went to go get in the carriage with him and he just had this total 'I've fucked up this time' look.
14 June 2017 @ 05:31 am
This week on Bat Masterson Bat's the only person in town who knows how magic tricks work and lords this knowledge over the townspeople to solve a robbery. And then some chick he'd been making eyes at was like 'oh Bat, look at this wedding dress' and Bat was all 'I don't think it's your size' and fucking fled. Amazing.

I had this wild dream that started off like it was a pilot ep of a star trek series or something and everything was like bright and airy and the corridors were huge and everyone had the best uniforms, they were colorful and each field had their own design, like if someone was a biologist then they had plant or water designs on their uniform, really pretty. And then there was a whole plot about them going down to a planet and coming back and someone died and then they all got infected by, like, alien corn or something. And then it turned out that the whole thing was a snl skit. And I woke up and was like, oh those uniform were amazing I'll have to find a screencap of that skit later, but now it's later and the whole thing didn't actually exist and I can't show anyone how amazing the uniforms were.

People seem a lot whinier about feedback nowadays? I mean, didn't we used to write for the sake of writing, even if no one read it, and not complain and take our writing down because no one's commented on it? Did I imagine that? Or are people just more vocal about it now?

Saw something about rarepairs and remembered that Courfeyrac/Javert was such a quality rarepair. No one shipped it and it was based on .5 secs of interaction. And like, I never really thought that I was a rarepair person, but, idk man, I do like unpopular shit.

Watched BatB. It was... not good? I know I'm, like, not a child and so not the target audience of anything disney, so it was probably fine in reality? ...? Maybe?

I keep meaning to watch shows and then forgetting. Like Wynonna Earp. And... something else that's on? But I can't remember what it is or why I wanted to watch it? I only remember as soon as the latest episode is over and I just missed seeing it.
01 June 2017 @ 11:15 pm
The other day I thought about looking up new books on parallel universes/quantum mechanics/theoretical physics and the like and then today we were listening to npr in the car and there was a guy talking about that stuff and I was like 'I wonder if this is Brian Greene?' and then it turned out that it was Brian Greene and I had to explain to my father how we don't actually have free will if there are infinite realities.

I've started playing Magickarp Jump and I've named all my magickarp after F&B characters.

Everything about me itches... it's like a random traveling itch that happens when the weather changes (? maybe? maybe stress? who knows?), sometimes it's the arms, sometimes legs, and then as suddenly as it starts it's over.

I think Breckin Meyer might be the voice over on a cable company commercial?

I love eps of Cheyenne where Cheyenne is in charge of other people and all the other people do is complain that Cheyenne never sleeps and works them too hard. He also wore a darling little vest at the beginning of this ep (wagon tongue north) and he looked kind of sweaty, which is such a nice detail.
30 May 2017 @ 07:56 pm
Breckin Meyer went to some Clueless showing thing and there was a post about it on ontd and I was so worried that people would be mean to him in the post or that there would be terrible deets about him or something awful, because everything is awful on ontd, but everyone was super sweet about him and I'm just, I'm so happy about it.

I also want to know who takes his pictures when he does out on excursions, like to the wax museum.

I had whole paragraphs of whining about how life is like knowing that you could write a perfectly fine great american novel, but no one would be interested in it because you're, like, missing either the naivety of someone who is sub-mediocre but thinks they're brilliant or, you know, actual brilliancy and how I have no authentic self and such things, but then I deleted all of it because. lol.

I don't know what's going on with any tv shows.