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21 October 2016 @ 02:58 am
Expedition Unknown came so very close to having a classic h/c fanfic moment in last night’s ep. Josh Gates fell into a freezing river in his search for the yeti and so he had to get out of his wet clothes, otherwise hypothermia, and he was all alone because he had run off after the yeti all by himself and it was like the entirely perfect set up for the yeti to show up and whisk him off to it’s secluded, but warm, cave and gently remove his wet clothes, because obvs by then his fingers wouldn’t work right, and cuddle him with gentle yeti tenderness.

But instead he just turned off his camera, stripped down, got into a set of completely dry clothes that I guess had survived the river dunking, and proceeded to not find the yeti. *sigh*

I've talked about this ep of Cheyenne before, it's the s7 one where a sioux couple get harshly killed and Cheyenne hooks up with a guy who was also raised by the sioux tribe who then betrays not only Cheyenne but also his adoptive father, and I couldn't really watch the first half because it really is a violent harsh ep, but in the second half Cheyenne gets shot in the arm and he spends the rest of the ep being real ginger about it and favoring his other hand and idk it's like nice that he's not a manly man about getting hurt?

I know it's terribly rude to not accept help when people offer it, but also, like, if I'm putting something "heavy" in my car I'm going to have to take it out of my car sans help, or if I'm folding up a big piece of material or taking down the sides of a tent at a show or whatever the person offering to help isn't going to be there the next time I have to do any of that. Like it's nice that they've offered, but I have to do it myself eventually so just leave me to it? But people always seem put off that I don't want their assistance.
18 October 2016 @ 02:30 am
Ugh, poor 10K. Also Murphy totally ended up doing it, but then it wasn't as dramatic as I hoped (but I mean everything leading up to it was great, and I totally appreciate KA monologue-ing the whole ep, plus I love Murphy calling himself by his first name, like everyone treats him as such a thing...), but now that I've had a few days to mull about it I'm kinda digging it, you know?, on the condition that it eventually goes south, because if it doesn't then what's the point.

Gotham continues to be so gay. Nygmobblepot is the only thing I care about.

This weekends art show was also pointless (it was billed as an art festival but was basically at the county fair level with booths selling bed sheets and rain gutters), but also filled with really great dogs. And on the way home at a rest stop we saw a whole van full of corgis, like 6 or 7 of them, and they were plush show corgis and each one had it's own little cage that they had to be lifted into and then they could look out the van windows. It was amazing.
10 October 2016 @ 10:40 pm
I love when Cheyenne has to undo his holster and he starts by unbuckling his thigh buckle... that's, like, really nice.

I thought my love for Z Nation was waning because I wasn't really digging how split up everything is this season, but then I saw the preview for next week where Murphy maybe looks like he's thinking of doing what I think he's thinking of doing... and I'm like oh honey no and my interest is fully back. Also, a prediction for the end of the season: shit's gonna go sideways and Murphy's going to beg Warren to mercy him (but she won't do it and they'll find a a way to fix him or revert him or something)... like he's totally going to fall and they'll have to pick him up, because I can't see his whole thing lasting.

I don't care about Jim Gordon, or the hypno eye guy, or Bruce Wayne and his double/clone/evil twin (???) at all. So boring. Just have the show be about the political murder husbands. *draws a heart in the air*

It's nice and cold around here now. But I had to go to a show down south this last weekend (and have to go back this next weekend for another show) and it was (and is going to be) in the 80's and I'm dying like I just want to wear sweaters, ugh. I did see some really great dogs though.
29 September 2016 @ 01:20 pm
I never really was that into Chakotay when I originally watched VOY, but now I'm like, you know, let's just have the entire series be him and Janeway. I watched the ep where she died and some alien tried to trick her into "heaven" and Chakotay was all "Katherine!" all over the place and it was so amazing I can't even.

I need more Cheyenne eps where he's happy. Like there was one where in the first five mins everything went so well... he met a lady who didn't want to be with him, he met a man who was taller than him, and he got a free meal... everything was so good, and then of course it all went to hell, but still. I need him to smile more. There was one ep where he was nothing but a puss face cause he had to be in charge of everything and wrangle drunk cow hands and also solve his bosses murder and stop the town from being run over and the bank from being robbed by the drunk cow hands.

I also watched one where he got into a town who hated drifters and the sheriff goaded him into fighting with him and then arrested him, and then he got patted down (which, like, why isn't that happening every episode, some guy running him hands along Cheyenne's flanks... come on writers) but all they found was some pocket change and a bible and Cheyenne's like 'can I take the bible with me?' and the other prisoners made fun of him for it (and there was also a prisoner sick with the lurgy that Cheyenne defended and then sat next to and was really sort of sweet to) and then it turned out that the sheriff was basically selling prisoners to a chain gang to "pay off" their bail and what it cost to keep them in jail and everything and Cheyenne was not about that so he's like 'can't I just pay my bail' and the sheriff is all 'lol sure you can try' and sets the bail at $100 because all he found in Cheyenne's pockets was $60, so Cheyenne pulls out him bible and opens it up and pulls out a wad of bills and is like 'there's some good stuff in the bible if you open it up' because he's full of sass and the sheriff was every so pissed that Cheyenne tricked him (and they were also going to take the sick prisoner and Cheyenne was like 'you can't!' and the sheriff was like 'then who's going to pay for his keep hmm???' and for a hot second I thought maybe Cheyenne was going to offer to do enough work for both him and the other prisoner and that it'd be a whole ep about him taking care of this guy and this guy making sure Cheyenne was okay after being exhaustively tossed back into their cell after hours of hard work... but alas, twas not meant to be and Cheyenne bounced after paying his bail and the prisoner was like 'hey Cheyenne, if there's anyway you could find some bail for me it'd be great. I'll do carpentry work or whatever!' and Cheyenne was like 'sure buddy' and I don't know what else happened because I had to leave, but I assume that Cheyenne saved the day and rescued the guy and got rid of the sheriff and made the town love drifters.)

There's all these new shows on tv, or returning shows, and I'm just ??? about all of it. Like, show season isn't as exciting as it used to be. My schedule used to be packed with things to watch. *sigh*
24 September 2016 @ 02:36 am
Z Nation continues to sadden me but in a good way. Also I continue to love so many things about it.

I was listening to a radio interview with the director of the Mag 7 remake and he was talking about watching the original and how a native American couldn't be buried in a white cemetery and a guy and Steve McQueen made sure that he did get buried there and the director had really been moved by that and I'm like Cheyenne did a whole episode like that, where's his kudos, why isn't anyone remaking Cheyenne... I mean really.

And the I was sad that Steve McQueen got more famous than Clint Walker.
17 September 2016 @ 05:26 am
Ugh, Z Nation, why do you hurt me like this?
14 September 2016 @ 06:04 pm
I think my fav thing about Cheyenne is it’s amorphous timeline. There’s only a few episodes with actual times given otherwise it's sometime, anytime, between the 1860's and the 1880's and there's no order to it whatsoever, we jump throughout these twenty some years with almost no reference to any previous events that we're privy to (apart from Cheyenne's childhood I think the only other thing that's ever referenced in one ep and brought up as a plot in another is the time where Cheyenne says that he's met Billy The Kid and that he had, like, killer's eyes and then we see him meeting Billy in a later season and they basically become bfs and ride off together after helping a pregnant lady???), there’s an 1860′s ep in the 7th season and a mid 1870′s ep in the 4th, another 1860′s ep in the third that the voice over implies is from a time earlier than Cheyenne's current time, sometimes Cheyenne stays somewhere for a day and sometimes for weeks on end but there’s no continuation from where he’s been, sometimes he’s a sheriff or business owner for two years and we only see the last few days of this life, we miss giant chunks of his life, sometimes he’s been gone for an entire winter that we never see, we jump around in his time line and never cross into any other place he’s ever been even though he’s been everywhere enough that nearly everyone knows him from one time or another but we’ve never seen these "good friends" before and they’re usually dead by the time the ep is over so we never see them again... it's, idk, really amazing? Like, the very last episode is the only episode where it kind of actually hints at being one of the latest dates because Cheyenne is finally interested in settling down and he's never expressed interest in that before.
I kind of want to order the episodes from what could presumably be the earliest to the latest, just to see how things line up.

Tom and Harry should have kissed at the end of The Chute… and in the middle when they were spooning… and, you know, at the beginning when Harry first got there… Ugh that ep comes so close to perfection... Tom being all self sacrificing, telling Harry to leave him if he had a chance, and then when his defenses are down pleading with Harry not to leave him there... I live for Tom feeling like he's not worth caring about but secretly wanting love. And Harry being the one to do that because Tom protected him first. Ugh.

As much as I like all the other guys on HH I'd totally be down for a version that was slightly less funny and focused just on Hogan and Kinch.
10 September 2016 @ 03:21 pm
I was watching the Djokovic Tsonga tennis match earlier and the commentators pointed out that Ben Stiller and Hugh Jackman were sitting together in Djokovic’s box (? I think, the commentators implied that they were there for Novak specifically) and the game was a total bust so I really wish they had spent some time commentating about Hugh and Ben. Like whether they were there together or just happened to be at the same place and if they were together did Ben invite Hugh or the other way around, who bought the tickets, did they go halfsies, is one of them way more into tennis than the other and the other just wanted to go with to spend time together, are they super tennis buddies, do they only watch or do they also play, do they play together, is Ben really super amazing at tennis and Hugh found out about it and, when they casually met at some awards thing, wistfully brought up how much he wished he could play tennis but how he just really isn’t any good and did Ben then say something coy about Hugh just needing a good teacher and offer to give Hugh some tips which turned into Ben wrapping his arms around Hugh to show him the correct way to properly swing forehand, their sweaty bodies pressed tight, not even a half inch of space between them, Ben whispering in Hugh’s ear “how does that feel” and Hugh breathily responding “it feels… good” and then shakily asking “is this how it’s supposed to feel” while Ben presses even closer before answering, his voice so soft that Hugh almost thinks it’s only in his imagination, “it should always feel like this”… I mean, what’s even the point of commentators if they barely commentate at all.

Dear Enterprise writers, I don't know if you meant to ironically juxtapose the scene where Trip was put off by polymory and open marriages and basically implied that it was a weird alien concept that humans are not into and the scene right afterwards where Archer told some alien that humans had left all their prejudices behind centuries ago, but, well... you did it.

(there's a lot of "we don't have any prejudice on earth anymore" that goes on while simultaneously being weird about stuff that totally should have been normalized in the 2100s. and I think it's more of a writer fail but idk.)

I re watched the ep of Cheyenne where he flashbacks to when he was living with white people for the first time. I wonder if his living with white people happened because he became an adult in the cheyenne tribe (he later says they become braves at, like, 10 or 12) and was this part of him doing that or was he, like, not allowed to because a brave and had to do white people things instead or did he have a choice and chose white people and that's why his adoptive father was really pissed in that later episode? And what happened when he came back to the cheyenne after learning from white people? He lived there for another three years... was he accepted back, was he an outcast... like, had he been forced to go do white people things and then came back and everyone was happy but then he decided on is own to leave and seek his fortune with the white man later and that's what drove him and his adoptive father apart?
I have so many questions that the writers probably never even thought about.

I also watched a terribly tragic ep of Cheyenne where he had to try and bury a half native soldier in a town that didn't allow that sort of thing.

I have not done anything about my imzy page. I have unfollowed nearly all the communities I had followed though because I apparently can not deal with fandoms anymore. I care so little about what other people think lol.

I thought about Peter and Jared saying 'I love you' to each other and it made my chest hurt and I cried a little. I also thought about F&B where instead of being about lawyering it was about running a summer camp. And I'm all for camp councilor stuff, but I'm not really for children stuff, so... *shrug*

I'm also kind of in the mood to rewatch SGA, but, well, I probably won't.
05 September 2016 @ 06:12 am
"What's the business Sheriff, I'm no prowler." says Cheyenne, while prowling. And then he continued to get into all sorts of trouble because the sheriff and mayor were suspicious as fuck about where Cheyenne's friend went (so of course Cheyenne had to investigate). Cheyenne had come to town to be best man at this guys wedding and even bought a ring for him and they had been in the arizonia rangers together but parted ways when the guy wanted to settle down and Cheyenne had to keep roaming and it was totes tragic and Cheyenne seemed sad about. And then he got put in jail and accused of murder and had hot tea thrown on him and then almost got killed in a cave. He also wore his big plaid coat and his fringe jacket and drank bourbon twice because it was cold out.
02 September 2016 @ 05:26 pm
I was watching an ep of Cheyenne about a town without water and Cheyenne was playing sheriff and the town founder came up to him and was like 'Oh Cheyenne, I sure hope you'll stay here and be sheriff forever' and Cheyenne (who we all know is physically incapable of staying somewhere once someone asks him to) is like 'Well, this town is dying and jackrabbits and tumbleweeds don't need a sheriff, so I'll probably need to leave immediately right now', but he stays around long enough to shoot the founder's drunk son (? I think? I kinda dozed off midway through), presumably to get out of sheriffing.
Also there was a lady who may have formerly been of ill repute. She was married to the founders drunk son. She was also friends with Cheyenne (who we all know is only really capable of being friends with formerly ill reputed ladies), which made the drunk guy jealous. But she was all 'Cheyenne and I are just friends. You know he can't spare five mins on me.', which really sounds like when some chick has a gay guy friend that they're kind of wistful about but still want to reassure their jel boyfriend.

I'm considering getting a new phone. Like, I don't technically need a new phone, but tracfone has a bring your own phone program where you can bring unlocked nicer phones and when I got my tracfone last year it seemed a little sketch (and now seems less so, esp with more phones being unlocked) and I also really thought that by now tracfone would have had an upgrade to the phone I got (which is perfectly decent for a 4.5" screen, 1gb ram, and 8gb storage phone) but they actually have seemed to downgraded (like there's only one phone with android 5, the rest are 4.4 or lower??) and there are phones that are close to 6" of screen now... but it's also just straight up spending money (even though it would be a tax write off cause it's used for work) which I so dislike... I'm waiting to see when holiday time comes around if there's any really drop down deals (like I'm looking at the moto x style and it's $399 but down to $289 on motorola's site and I'm hoping that as they move out the new phones it'll get drop closer to $250 or less somewhere?)

Why are people so bad at getting into lines? They don't know where to stand, they block up isles when they should curve, the split when they should be in one line... ugh.